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    I had a filling replaced earlier this week and it was a real bad experiece. Normally I don't have too much trouble with these things but this time something was quite wrong. I ended up have 6 shots of novacaine all together. Long story anyway, now I have Shingles and I think I want to die.My husband just brouhgt me home from the Dr. I didn't dare try to drive. I have had this before but not for a number of years. Dr. said it is that large nerve that runs down the jaw. My tonsels are black looking and I am swollen inside my mouth and the whole side of my face,and everything. Plus of course then there is the rash or lesions to put up with. This is a nightmare. So here I set a wonderful sunny afternoon in April miserable as hell and look even worse.
    My Children were going to celebrate my birthday today. My one and only precous Granddaughter, I call her Miss Taylor
    was going to take me to a Alice in Wonderland play this afternoon. She has had the tickets since last Sept.Then her Mom and Dad were going to have dinner and cake for me. The Dr. insisted that for the sake of the Grandchildren that I beg off.Not that I feel very great to be doing anything anyway, but for Miss Taylor I would have puhed and tried to get though it.I guess your not supposed to be around small children, old people or sick people when you have Shingles. Besides my Grandson he's 3 I call him Master Jared, he had pink eye this week in one eye and my daughter had it 2 days later in both eyes, so Dr said he woul probably see me in a couple of days for that.
    I am so sorry to whine and be so long winded. I feel so guilty for I know there are so many people out there suffering and so much worse off. At least I had the money to go to the Dr. and to the drug store.I am just so let down for this is just one more thing I didn't get to do and one more person I had to disappoint because of this body I am stuck in. Now the tears are leaking and I am just such a mess. I am grateful for somewhere to go to let it all out even if no one cares to read my post . It can just float around out there somewhere, doesn't matter.
    Hopefully I will improve and feel better in a few days.
    Going to lay back down now. sorry to get so emotional.
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    You poor thing missing out on your plans .. You need to just sit back and take it easy and get your rest .. This really cought my eye because I work with handicaped kids and i had one with me one day after school in my car w/my kids that was on a Mon then the following Sat. his mom was putting lotion on his back and on Mon he was not at scahool and came on Tues with a note from the Dr saying he has Shingles and as long as they are covered he could be at school Well he went home that day and was back the next
    I always heard if you never had chicken pox,, and you are a adult you would get shingles in stead well we got some info on it from the net and it said you Had to have had chicken pox to get shingles
    So im wondering I never had Chicken pox and with my emune system being so low and had been around him so much whats my chances of getting them ??? And ny 13 yr. old Had chicken pox and was around him so could she get them ??
    i don't know what to think
    If anyone has any advice please let me know TY

    psyou don't need to say sorry for being emotional if we all didn't get that way now and then we would explode or at least i would , and if you couldn't get on here and vent then why are we here? TC hon
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    Are you on Famvir or Valtrex. If not Ask the doc ASAP to call you in some. You need to be on a high dose as soon as possible--it can moderatly lessen the symptoms. In addition low dose Elavil is sometimes given and you most likely will need a narcotic for a few weeks. If your Dr. didnt even do anything, than you should definetly seek another one if you can.

    Adding too this post: Shingles is the chicken pox virus which has been dormant, as people get older and even sometimes younger they can get shingles, it's not transmissable to someone who has had the virus (Chicken Pox)it is something that you already have in your system. However, it usually, as you have noticed afflicts those with lowered immune function. The treatment given above is all, at the present time that can be done to treat the virus. Although work on new antivirals is on the way.

    A nutrional supplement, an amino Acid Lysine, can be taken 1000mg 2 times a day, and may help. It has no side-effects.
    Both Famvir or Valtrex have few if any side-effects for most people shockingly! Hopefully you have insurance as both antivarals are very expensive.[This Message was Edited on 04/12/2003]
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    I just read on the internet that it is possible to transmit the chicken pox/Shingle virus to some one who has not had chicken pox as a child.I have not read everything yet my head hurts too bad but at least you are aware that you and your child have been around someone with it so you can watch for it which is very important because there are medications for it that are very effective but you have to get started on them as early as possible of the onset of symptoms. I sure hope you and your child get lucky.
    I can't even imagine a child having to deal with this nerve pain.
    I hope maybe someone else may know something as well so maybe you can feel more comfortable about being exposed.


    PS Doctor loaded me up with meds the important one of course is Valtrex 1GM 2 tablets twice a day.
    But nothing for my broken heart!!!!
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    Herpes-Family viruses are responsible for some of our worst problems, but I do think Shingles is probably the worst of the worst. I hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm so sorry you are feeling so badly. I know how painful shingles can be as I had shingles a few years back. I was given an antiviral medication (can't remember the name). It did seem to help speed up my recovery. However, just last year my ENT gave me another antiviral med to speed up recovery from canker sores and I had a bad reaction. My lower back and all my joints began hurting badly. I checked the side effects listed on the medication and discovered that altho not common these were some of the negative side effects (like there's ever any positive side effects - lol). Anyone else have this reaction?
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    I am still so miserable!My throat and ears are involved as well. Dr. had me to repeat the Valtrex treatment,so far no relief.
    I am so bummed! today is my birthday and here I set Lookink awful and feeling worse.
    Anybody out there have any home remedies that might help?

    I feel like it is creeping in to my right eye.
    Should I go back to the Dr.
    {{}}, Shirley
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    I have to take it starting the day before my little nip 'n tuck surgery to ensure that no cold sore virus can get into the surgical site near my eyes. Herpes Viruses can make one go blind if they infect the eyes.

    The pharacist asked if I have Shingles and I explained why I am taking the Famvir. He said he has seen about 100 times more Shingles lately than ever before at this time of year. Seems as though there is an epidemic of Shingles here.

    My co-pay for 20 tablets was $50. The pharmacist told me that without my insurance, the Famvir would have cost $250. Yikes!

    Love, Mikie
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    Shirley thanks for the info . I had some one telling me that i could NOT get them but all along i heard ppl could get them if they hadn't had chicken pox before I need to look up and see how long it takes after being exsposed.. i will be highly upset if i do get them I have used up all my sick days this year because our kids at school come in sick and if they go home they come right back still with it and guess whos the ones that get it and have to stay home !! so if i get sick i will be docked pay I just pray i won't
    Soo sorry you had to spend your Birthday this way that is a real bummer I know you get to felling better and we will go party for a late B-Day OK
    Take Care and Soft Hugs to YOU
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    The gals can offer you the emotional support. I guess your Valtrex isnt working. Here's one thing that may help. Please listen, and follow exactly if you want some relief.

    First off you should be on some Vicodin for the pain, right then and there.

    A switch too Famvir may help with the pain. Don't bother with acyclovir.

    A nutrional supplement, that I can't find is called, Monolaurin or Monolauren (sp) ask someone at the health store. A lot of claims have been made as too its effectiveness.

    L-Lysine 1000mgs 3xs a day a day is a must. Skip out on using citrus fruits, chocolate and coffee.

    Goldenseal and Echinachea for 1 month. I guarantee taking this will help, though it may not cure it. And I know it's a lot of pills.
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    First off..Happy Birthday and I am so very sorry you have shingles..they are miserable and I cannot imagine having them where you do.

    I had them on the back of my thigh. I took L Lysine and vitamin E. That L Lysine really worked on them for me. So I would definitely try dad had shingles too and this worked for him also.

    Good luck .. Sherry
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    Thank you so much for you good advice. I intend to use it in the future. I appreceated you taking time out to respond to my cry. I had never heard of this remedy before but it sounds like it might help. The reason I did not follow through with it this time is because at this same time you replied to me as you may remember ,My best friend passed away suddenly and I got so totally involved with my grief I took the easy way out and called the Dr.back and got more meds. I did however ask for some vicodin for pain.
    Thank you for suggesting that. It was such a God send.Probably helped me get through alot of tears as well. You know how us girls and our EMOTIONS are.
    I am starting to feel better about the Shingles,I at least feel like that part of my life is under control. Again Thank you one and all for your concern but a real special
    Thanks to AC77.
    Hugs , Shirley
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    Now that I am on the mend ,do you think I would benefit from going ahead and using this regimed for awhile anyway?I mean maybe as a back-up or something.If so I could get started on it by Monday.What do you think?