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  1. MildredAnn

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    I have just discovered I have my 2nd case of Shingles. I have a low tolerance for pain and know the worse is yet to come. Does anyone have any suggestions as how to control the pain? Thanks.
  2. Mikie

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    Are you on medication for the shingles? I don't have them but just finished a dose of Famvir which is a good antiviral drug for Herpes-family viruses like shingles. I use ice on my cold sores and some have said that also helps the shingles; it's supposed to deactivate the virus at the surface. Take lots of vitamin B-12 because that will help the nerve endings recover.

    My pharmacist told me that there is a HUGE increase this year in shingles. He's never seen anything like it. I fear that something in the environment is lowering our resistance and allowing the shingles to come to the fore. Down where I live, we've been inundated with the Red Tide which makes people sick; perhaps that's why so many there have shingles.

    I hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
  3. PatPalmer

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    Sorry to hear you are suffering with this painful horrible affliction, you must have been very stressed recently?

    I`m here touting the virtues of Olive Leaf Extract, do you know anything about this product?

    It`s one of the best natural antibiotics on the planet, it kills all bacterial/viral/fungal & paracitical growths, and helps with the just this type of virus.(Herpes)

    I`ll bump an article to the top for you to read.

    Love Pat
  4. chubby

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    There is an article on the Life Extension Foundation website about Tagamet (the stomache acid medicine) for the treatment of shingles and herpes. Do a search on Google for Tagamet and shingles, it's the first hit. There's also an article there about it being effective for the treatment of some kinds of cancer. Hope this helps. Chubby
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  5. PatPalmer

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    Where in the heck do you come from?

    I`ve just looked up Tagamet on the site and it sounds wonderful...

    Have you tried this yourself? - I am going to put a post on with an article, as I know several here would like to read about this product. Thank you

    Be great if you can respond with any first hand knowledge you have, or post something for us too.

    Thanks again.

    Love Pat.
  6. chubby

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    Thanks for the welcome Pat. I'm in Washington state. Luckily I've never needed Tagamet, I read about it in the LEF magazine a while back. I hope it helps someone here. I've been lurking here for about six months. I got CFS about a year and a half ago from Penicillin. I've tried several of the things mentioned here without a lot of luck so far, but I'm not giving up. I still hope to get over it someday. Luckily I'm not in as much misery now as I was about six months ago. Chubby
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    I have posted on this before and wont rewrite it because its lengthy. Also see the above post on tagamet for herpes. As shingles are part of the HSV group it may help, be advised of drug interactions and consult a pharmacist/dr. You need to be on Famvir or alterntively Valtrex, skip over acyclovir--it requires many doses and the generics are not that cheap or as effective as Famvir. Get on the treatment ASAP, as the sooner you are on the better it works

    Neurontin, Elavil, Tegretol and Opiods are all helpful for the pain. Also look into the supplement Monolaurin at your health food store.