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    Hi Shirl!

    I am fairly new to the boards. I am using Previcid 30mgs. & Pep ac 20mgs. for Acid reflux. Unfortunately it doesn't help much, I really have to watch what I eat. My husband has me on Prime PH drops that is suppose to make the body more alkanine. So there is not as much acid. I am still taking the acid pills along with it. A pharmacist we know has really had good results with it, he doesn't even have to take Precivid anymore.

    I was reading what your friend was telling you about Calcium citrate, I have never heard of that before. How much of that do you take before meals. I have tried some enzymes a few yrs. ago but not with the calcium c.

    I also have problems with constipation does the cal. citrate make you more constipated? What kind of magnesium do you both use? When do you take that?

    How many of the enzymes do you take?

    Sure do need some help, my Acid continues to be very bad. Also my stomach doesn't empty for several hrs. later too. One Dr. told me it's the Elivil I take at night. They put me on Propucid but that was taken off the market, then they put me on Reglan that really helped but then my breasts started to leak & by a blood test found out my prolatin was to high so was taken off of Reglan--it was also helping me with the Acid.... Oh, well I really have problems with medicines & Vites....

    Would really appreciate some help.

    Take care, Deb
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    You know, you addressed this post to the wrong one, it was me asking the questions, and Klutzo that had all the answers!

    The only thing I am SURE of here is the constipation problem. I had this for a lifetime.

    I took Magnesium Citrate for the constipation, its called: 'Natural Calm' put out by; 'Natural Vitality',its a powdered form of magnesium, and you put hot water in it, it fizzes like an Alka Selzer, and also taste like it too, most health food stores sell it, or probably your friend the pharmacist could order it for you .

    But after I started taking Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) for pain and energy it took care of the constipation.

    Then I added ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6) two capsules at night for sleep. I did not need the Natural Calm everyday anymore. I only take a teaspoon of it if I eat something that causes me problems.

    For the enzymes etc. go back and read the post I made to Klutzo. I am just learning about this myself. I have not tried it yet. Klutzo really knows her stuff with all of this! Smart lady.

    Ask Klutzo your questions about the acid, calcium citrate,etc., she will be happy to help you.

    Shalom, Shirl