SHIRL ... any word about Elda , yet ? Am still praying for her

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Nonie, May 10, 2002.

  1. Nonie

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    Dearest Shirl ,

    Is there any word about your cousin Elda yet ? I still have her in my prayers ! Her children & your family as well . Many , many prayre filled (((HUGS))) comeing your way . God bless you . "Shalom" .

    With much love , RESPECT & concern . Nonie
  2. Harmony

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    I'm not Shirl, but there is an update Shirl posted yesterday under her original post "Prayer

    I haven't heard anymore today and was wandering how she was doing.

  3. Shirl

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    I just got off the phone with Elda, I am amazed how wonderful she sounded! The operation went very well, she is home, her son is with her, her daughter & grandchildren were at the hospital to visit (her son brought herto the hospital, and stayed with her!).

    Believe me your prayers were answered in a very big way!

    She feels good, but is only allowed out of the bed for half hour a day, this for two weeks, I don't understand all that she had done, except that she had degenerative disks fused as they were causing pain to run down her hip and legs to the point she could hardly walk, and was in constant pain. They even check her for Fibro(which she does not have, thank God!).

    She talked to me for over an hour! Her voice is strong, and she sounds wonderful.

    She said and I quote: 'Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!' To everyone here who prayed for her. She said to tell you that you all must be wonderful people to be so concerned to pray for someone you don't know.

    I told her that you all were terrific ladies, and wonderful christians and believed in the Lord with all your hearts.

    Again, thank you and praise God for all His kind mercy toward us all.

    I thank Him for His gift of prayer, and all you wonderful people to be prayer partners with.

    I will let you know how she recuperates.

    God Bless,

    Shalom!, Shirl
  4. Nonie

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    Dearest Shirl ,

    Honey , that is FANTASTIC news ! I am so surprised that she is already home ! They sure do get you "up & out" quickly now days , dont they ?

    And what WONDERFUL news that her children are being so supportive to her ! PRAISE THE LORD ! He is so kind and loving to us , and hears our prayers everytime !

    Thank you for the up-date sweety ! I hope you are getting enough rest yourself ! Looks like you are not sleeping well again , to be here "at this hour" ... LOL ! I will continue to keep you ALL in my prayers !

    I am a fine one to talk about sleeping ... LOL We are having yet MORE thunderstorms . We have had them for almost a week now ! I really do not mind them , except when the lightning gets so bad ! Since I am almost deaf in my "mastoid" ear , the LOUD thunder doesnt faze me in the least ... LOL !

    Well sweety , I am just thrilled with your good news ! THANK YOU again for posting so we can all see the beauty and wonders of GOD's love for us . Sending you many , many soft (((HUGS))) aplenty ! God bless you .

    With much love , RESPECT & happiness . Nonie
  5. LBinCA

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    Praise the Lord, He does hear our prayers. Thsi is fantastic news, and another miracle, but I will continue to pray for Elda and her family as they go through the healing process.

    Shirl, I know you will keep us posted....Love and Hugs...LoriB
  6. deecrossett

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    Praise be to God! The Power of Prayer is mighty through these board members. I pray now, that Elda has a pain free recovery and that her children now take the time to get to know what a wonderful relationship they can have with their Mother. In his name, Amen.