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    Hi Shirl, I hope you are doing well. I read somewhere that your husband lost 100 pounds with the tea. I have lost 30 in about 6 months drinking it. My results seem to be atypical since no one else I know has really lost except one person lost about 14 pounds. Can you tell more about how your husband lost it? Which kind he drank, how much a day, cold or hot,how many months it took to lose it, and if he did any exercise or other diet.

    The reason I am curious is because my family and friends don't seem to believe that I am losing it because of the tea. My mother even asked me if I was purging or doing taking laxitives to lose weight. I guess it is hard for them to believe that someone could lose weight by only drinking tea, but that is ALL I did at first. I have recently tried to eat a LITTLE healthier and make better choices, but i haven't really changed anything and that hasn't made me lose weight any faster. The majority of the weight was already lost by me doing NOTHING but drink the tea. It really hurts my feelings that they don't believe me. As hard as it is to believe it is true. Can you please tell more about your husband so I will have another story to share to make mine more realistic? I also would like to know that it isn't just a fluke and I will continue to lose weight. I keep thinking the luck will run out. LOL! Thank you.
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    Hard as it is to believe, the phone lines in the area where she lives are still iffy from Hurricane Katrina. I guess they got them up and running as soon as they could but they still aren't reliable.

    Keep this bumped and, hopefully, she will see it if she can get online. There is not fast line access where she lives so she has to depend on dial up.

    Love, Mikie
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    Shirl - would love to hear your input on this!
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    I keep checking back......inquiring minds want to know!!!!!!!!

    (and so does this nosy one!)
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    if the green tea is decaf? AMY
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    Peacebaby, I don't think it will if you are used to drinking it. I think it mainly works for those who are overweight and have a low metabolism. It helped me because I gained a lot of weight when I got sick and stopped doing all the things I had been doing. My metabolism went kaput. I didn't eat any differently and piled on the pounds because of inactivity. i think the tea helped boost it up a little. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Have you thought about drinking Ensure to gain weight? It is really good for you and full of nutrients.
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    Gee petsrme,
    You are one of many folks that I have read or heard of losing weight by simply drinking green tea! Could I ask you a question? Did you have to drink a lot of it daily or was it just the one cup?
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    It looks as if I have jinxed another thread by posting, maybe?
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    I am interested too

    Please keep bumped

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    Sounds like I'm not the only one interested in losing weight. My metabolism has left me...just snuck away one day and never returned.

    Sooooooo, I, too, would like to hear more about the green tea. I love tea and drink it all day. Lately I mostly drink Stash Green and White Tea. But, I haven't lost any weight.

    Could you share how much tea you drink and what brand of green tea you drink as well? Also, do you drink it hot or cold...does it make a difference?

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    I am giving this a bump because I really would like to know more about Green Tea and weight loss! Thx!
    Bump, bump, bump, bump!
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    I started out drinking one teabag simply put into a cold glass of water. i didn't brew it. I started with the celestial seasonings raspberry green tea. I lost one pound a day for two weeks. I then started drinking two or three a day. I leveled off and lose about one pound a week now. Some weeks I don't lose any. Some I will gain a few pounds if I go on vacation. I am now brewing six bags of plain green tea bags that I bought at big lots and drinking on that all day. I have lost 30 pounds since Sept doing nothing but drinking the tea. I eat the same as I used to. I have tried to watch what I eat a little now, to make the weight come off faster, but it hasn't helped so I just started eating like I always did.

    I buy any and all kinds of green tea I can find. I found a box of 100 bags at Big Lots for 2.49 and that is what I drink now. I put it in ice water and add a little sugar free raspberry syrup sometimes. I have drank it hot too. I don't think it really matters. I started of losing weight by not even brewing it. I just put the bag in cold water and let it sit for about twenty minutes and that worked.

    The reason I want to talk to Shirl is to hear more about it so that I can convince others that this is all I have done to lose weight. My family can't seem to grasp that it is all I have done. My husband and daughter know because they live with me, but no one else finds it plausible. I have tried to lose this weight for years and I am not a diet person. I don't have enough will power to cut out foods or stop eating what I love which is pastas. The weight literally started falling off and I am pinching myself praying it will keep coming off.
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    This is interesting........anyone with info......please post.......thanks
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