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  1. dhope

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    Hi if I was to get this Natural Calm (powdered magnesium citrate) hopefully one day I take this instead of the tablets right it is just magnesium.

    Do you just take recommended dose?

    Or do you do both

    Thank you
  2. Shirl

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    Its just magnesim citate. Here is what is says on the container; Magnesium (elemental from magnesium citrate) This product contains NO starch, sugar, yeast, coloring or preservatives.

    Three teaspoons contain 615 milligrams of Magnesium Citrate.

    I take one teaspoon, the recommended dose is 3 teaspoons for the above amount.

    The reason I take one is that I also take Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) 2 capsules of these, one before breakfast one before lunch.

    Then I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B-6) 2 capsules at night for sleep.

    I average about 450-500 milligrams of magnesium a day.

    If I am in a Flare, I will take additional Natural Calm, or if I have anxiety too. It has an almost instant effect on me.

    But it can cause diarrhea if you over do it. Its great if you suffer from constipation.

    Hope this helps.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. dhope

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    Thank you