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    Dear Friend,

    I appreciate your kind words. And I was blessed from reading your bio. I, too, was born and bred a Southern Baptist for some fifty-five years. I was ordained many years ago by Dr. W.A. Criswell at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. It was in the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies where I earned my degrees (BA and MA) with double majors: Systematic Theology and Biblical Languages, and two minors: Church History and Apologetics. In the Bible Institute I have here in Pawhuska, Ok. I teach various classes like Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Biblical Studies, etc.
    Like you, I have a rather extensive Library of some 12,000 volumes - all old friends. The core of my library is Puritan works from the 16th and 17th centuries. I have all 62 volumes of the MTP of Charles Spurgeon, whom I read daily. Now, there was a man of God who understood suffering.
    We converted our oversize two car garage into a Study to house my library. It is here that I go in "The Night Watch" where I seek the Throne of Mercy in prayer. And in those blessed hours of prayer, where He mercifully showers me with His grace and the pain ebbs away that He begins to fill my mind with the lines and stanzas that become the poems that I write. I am just a delivery boy.
    Looking forward to a long and blessed time with you all.

    God bless you.

    Soli Deo Gloria!

    (Poimae is Greek for Shepherd)
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    "Ma shalom Ha" Shirl (It is a Hebrew greeting that means, "Peace be unto you." It is in the modern dialect of Hebrew, so Hebrews in Israel would understand it if you spoke it to them.

    In reading your bio I discovered your interest in
    1. Native American History and
    2. Antique books

    I am listed on the rolls of the Osage Indian Nation. The largest county in Oklahoma is Osage County, located in the North central part of the State. My Wazhazhe (Osage)name is Wakodaie which means "Man who sees the Face of God." The elders of our Tribal Council honored me with that name after watching me over a period of years. When a new baby is born into the tribe, the child will go for sometime without a given name. It is only until the Elders see a particular trait that dominates the character of the person that they will then have a "Naming Ceremony."

    While I was born on the Osage, we left the reservation (Osage county is also the Osage Reservation) when I was just a baby. It was not until I returned as an adult and moved to Pawhuska, our County Seat, that the Elders began to observe me. One day, to my great surprise, the Elders approached me and told me that the people (our Osage people) wanted them to have a Naming Ceremony for me. They desired to formally call me Wakodaie, because that is the name the people were calling me in their homes. I had no idea. It was truly a humbling experience.

    With regard to antigue books: what genre are you interest in? I, too, gather original works from the 16-18th centuries - mainly Puritan works. They are usually in Latin, German, French or Dutch. I enjoy reading them very much. Sometimes it is quite amazing how much difference there is between an original work of an author and the English translation we may find in a bookstore.

    I know, as Moderator, you are very busy. I do not expect a quick reply.

    Take care, my Sister.

    In the Master's Name,

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    It has been so terribly long since I have been able to even converse with someone so tremendously learned in the wonders of God's Word! You are truly a Godsend Poimae (by the way, a perfect name for you)!

    Yes, I am quite familiar with the Criswell Center for Biblical Studies! I was saved under that gentle man of God's preaching during a Revival in New Orleans at a small church named; 'Bethany Baptist Church' many, many years ago. Dr. T. A. Patterson was also in attandance at that little church revival, I had no idea at the time what a crowd of blessed men I was to meet that day.

    I know you have got to know Dr. Paige Patterson? He was the pastor of Bethany at the time I was saved.

    He was teaching Greek/and a student at NOBTS at the time and pastored Bethany with his very sweet wife, he was all of 24 years old and had already had his first book published; 'Living in Hope of Eternal Life' an exposition of the Book of Titus, it only has 56 pages in it, but oh what a wonderful piece of work on the Lord's Word. I bought it from him right as it came off the press in 1968, and its signed with a wonderful Scripture for a new Christian, which I was a the time.

    I was Paige's secretary untill he left New Orleans. What a wonder his life has been for the Lord since them.....

    Almost my entire library is recommendations from Paige. I was an exceptional member of the church, he allowed me to borrow his books untill I could afford my own.

    Yes I have many books by Dr. Spurgeon, I was so happy to see that they now print them in paper back on a small scale for those who are looking for one subject, instead of reading through all the original works. It spreads the word of this giant of the Lord where layman can read his great works.

    One that I have that is my love is out of print, its 'The Tests of Life' (A Study of the First epistle of St. John) by Rev. Robert Law, B.D. It was printed in 1906. I used to tease Paige about this book, I had it and he didn't :) I had found it at a used book store years ago. It is priceless.

    My most beloved study is Eschatology, it has been since I was saved. The first book Paige handed me out of his own private library was; 'Things to Come' by J. Dwight Pentecost.

    Wow, what a time I had with that book, when I had no idea what half the words in it meant. I was calling him all the time for definations, finaly he loaned me the dictionary 'Baker's Dictionary of Theology', guess he got tired of answering my questions of meanings of words I could not fine with all my secular ones.

    I have no education like yours, I learned the hard way meanings of words in the Bible with dictionaries of translations from English to Greek, and English to Hebrew. But I fought it like a PIt Bull to get all the meaning I could possibly get to know what the Lord really meant in His Word. It has been a long journey my friend.

    I taught for over 10 years at Joe Lovelady's church at night, taught at home Bible classes, I loved working with the young people, so he allowd me to start a class with Singles, well I had 'two' that were willing to come, but after a few weeks he gave me a larger room to teach in, as my class grew so big, when I left I had over 30 young singles.

    The Shalom came from a Newletter I was an editor of, and also wrote a column on Prophecy/current events that fullfilled some of the prophecy.

    Yes, I was allowed to teach men as well as women, which is quite unusual in a So. Baptist church. Lots of my students were seminarians
    form NOPTS. Had I been a man I would have surely been a minister.

    As for the antique books, I will only name a couple here for you, as I would have to go from book to book on my library shelves to do more than that.

    I have many volumns of the Ante-Nicene fathers, printed in 1890, another of the same printed in 1896, many are in very delicate condition I have at least a dozen of them on the Ante-Nicene fathers. I keep the library very cool not to damage them. I also have many printed in Hebrew, but of course I can't read them. I donated many of the ones in Herbrew to the NOPTS years ago, and they were delighted to get them.

    It is so wonderful that you read my bio, I am just amazed that you found me like this. I have been on this board for close to 8-9 years and never met anyone that had an interest in what I did concerning reading, studying such deep Bibical truths. It is a challenge for sure.

    I have a friend that is an American Indian and her and I discuss the tribal, as well as the different tribes of American Indians, which I so much enjoy. She is also So. Baptist, so we do get along quite well on the subject of the Bible, and I am always interested in Indian lore, as much of their beliefs were so like the Bible.

    I have been reading about American Indians since I was a small child. I was also a big reader of Nazi Gemany, which turned out to be an assert when I was saved, strange how that happened.

    I was a Catholic before I was saved, had never been in any other church in my life before I went to Bethany.

    I think my testimony would interest you, but its a bit too long to put on the board. If ever I feel that I might have a problem, I always go back to how I was saved and have no doubt that the Lord did call me, it is that unusual, I truly thank HIm for such a sure foundation.

    I always say I was so 'hardheaded' that it took the Lord to actually knock me down like He did the Apostle Paul on the Road to Damascus, thankfully I did not lose my eyesight too :)

    It is just wonderful to know that you learned so very much concerning the Lord at CCFBS. It does make me feel so good. I remember when they first started that Semenary, I was writng letter for Paige about it.

    I was devastated in a way when I learned that Adrian Rogers went home to the Lord, he was such a wonder as a minster. We watched him every Sunday on Tv. Actually I still watch his program.... I feel I am getting messages right from the Lord since that is where he is now.

    I so hope we get to speak often, you are such a delight to me.

    I just stopped on the Worship board to see who was in need of prayer, and there was my name up here and there you were! You can't imagine what a blessing you have been to me tonight.

    Please pray for me while you are in your 'Night Watch', I am badly in need of prayer at this time. I honestly feel like 'Job' right now, things have been a bit bad in my marriage of 34 years.

    I am also very depressed (fist time in my life I have been depressed, I rather have the FM pain,that I can deal with ), plus I have Fibromyalgia, but to be honest I know all this is going to be for the Lord someday, as I know He never allows us not to be able to get out of bad situations, right now I feel He is carry me, and I am almost unable to walk alone, He is a wonderful Lord, and with all that I am facing I have not lost my faith, and I know He is taking care of me.

    Seeing you signal me out actually made my heart jump for joy!

    Shalom, Shirl

    P.S. Another strange affair is that I was thinking today how badly I need a pastor to speak to because of what is going on in my life right now, and I am sorry to say I do not have a church home at the moment. They closed all the churchs in this small town for night services (I guess due to Katria), and like most FM people I am not able to get up early in the mornings as I am so disorentated then. So I have not been to church in quite sometime.

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    Dearest Shirl,

    You cannot imagine the memories that flooded my soul as I read your rich response. Let me share a few with you.

    Do I know Paige? (BIG BIG SMILE) Yes, I know that sweet rascal! You know him, you also know of his antics! He can be a stinker at times. I love him so. I mentioned to you that I was ordained by the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Dr. Criswell, my beloved Mentor, was the President of my Ordination Council. Dr. C. Wade Freeman, Dr. H. Leo Eddleman (my beloved Hebrew Professor), Dr. Richard Land (another more serious rascal), Dr. Melvin R. Carter, Dr. J.P. McBeth (my beloved Greek Professor)and last, but certainly not least, Dr. Paige Patterson - I have each one of their signatures on my Certificate of Ordination. Paige delivered the "Challenge" message at my ordination. I'll never forget it. I took great pleasure in knowing that Paige was (and still is) the acting President at SWBTS where my oldest son graduated with his Masters Degree last year.

    I was one of thirty-five men who made up the first official class of Criswell Bible College in 1974. Dr. Eddleman was then acting President. It was in 1975, Paige came on board as the second President of CBC. Criswell Bible Institute (CBI) still continued for lay people. I soon became Dr. Eddleman's Assistant and Grader of Hebrew classes. Two years later, Dr. Criswell asked me to assume the role of Minister to Single Adults. I'll never forget the counsel he gave to me, "Son, just shepherd them as your own flock." The Singles Division was about 1,000 strong (ages 18-35). I served my Lord in that capacity for two years and saw it grow by almost 800 souls. I had the first "Singles Radio Program: Signposts of Singles" on the newly started KCBI. It was a teaching/talk format that lasted an hour. What a time we had! Then, Paige asked me to be the President's Assistant the following year. I know about his library, it was my task to catalogue all of it for him. (smile)

    You mentioned a very dear friend of mine, Adrian Rogers. Let me tell you a little story:
    God called my dear friend, Dr. Jimmy Draper, to First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas (mid-cities area of DFW), then the Lord later called me to Pastor North Euless Baptist Church just up the road from Jimmy. One day, Jimmy was hosting a Pastor's Conference for the Tarrant Baptist Association and he had asked Adrian to be the Speaker. At a luncheon we were having, Adrian came up to me and asked, "Brother Creth, what is the need I do not see here in this Association?" I looked at him for a moment and then replied, "Sin in the pulpit, Brother Adrian, there is too much sin in the pulpit." After everyone had eaten their meal, Adrian got up to speak. He stood behind the stand, looked out on the pastors who were before him (about 230), came down with his fist in a crashing thunder and declared, "I understand Brethren, there is too much sin in the pulpit, here in Tarrant Association! And I'm going to do my best to preach it out of you, today!" It was one of best fiery hot messages I ever heard on "Personal Holiness in the Life of a Man of God." Such memories...

    I could go on, but I'll save it for another time. It so good to know someone who has common memories of great men and glorious times.

    Humbly yours,


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