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    I seen on another post about your suppliments that you take. I posted a couple of days ago and got no replies. I am very causious and nervous about everything that i do take and wanted to know if I should be under a Doctor's care to take them? I have never before needed anything and I don't know if we need to have blood tests to see what we are lacking and then do the suppliments and such that we are or is it okay to just take them. I guess i fear of having too much of something in my system and getting sicker. If you could help me out on this I would appreciate it and thank you so much.
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    Sorry, I have been off the board for a few days, therefore missed your post to me.

    No, I did not ask a doctor about the supplements that I take, I did it on my own.

    But if you have any reservations about taking supplements, do ask your doctor first. Many people do.

    I would recommend that you try one thing at a time, for at least a two week period. That way if it does not agree with you, you will know what is the problem.

    I am unable to take most meds, I am very allergic to prescription drugs. So I went from meds to supplements. They are working just fine for me. But we are all different.

    Hope this helps.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    I appreciate your input. I just now directed this psot to you so no need to feel bad if you do. I didn't know who all used them and what they thought of it so it was just a general post.
    I do however have a question as to where you have gone to research about the different suppliments to help with different symptoms if you have time please let me know okay.
    I appreciate it much.