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    I am finally fed up with my doc. I travel 90 minutes to get there. He is kind and compassionate, but not once has he said he believes in fm. Not once has he talked about nutrition or exercise. I like the N.p. but not enough to stay. Let me tell you what happened. He worked for a major hmo. He got in trouble, not sure what. Got kicked out of his office for several months. Went to court and won. That was last fall. Now you go in and have to read a 2 page report and sign that you read it. He leaves no bases uncovered. Was caught looking at my records and you would of thought I was the devil himself. When I asked about pain they gave me a list of 3 doc's. One 45 minutes away, 2 about 2 hours away. I called the closet one, no appt till July 24. I called back and said I am halfway between 2 major cities, and the 3 names you gave are further away than you are, and I want to look in the other direction. They came back with, you know that green piece of paper you signed that listed 3 doc's, you use them or you have to go elsewhere. Also, I asked for copies of my bloodwork, and I got.... because they are passing a new law, I have to go in and sign a release, (how do we know it is you?) So I have to drive 90 minutes one way to get my blood results.

    So I have had enough. I am going to call the rheummy I saw once a couple of years back and try and find a better PC. What info can I give them from the start about fibro, that will help me out with a new doctor? Also, do you know how many members we have here? Also, shouldn't a doc have your vital's taken at every visit? Mine never dose bp. pulse,weight or temp.

    Thanks alot in advance for any help!!!
    Love, Deb

    P.s. Gave in yesterday and took advil and antibiotics, I survived and have some changes in my sinus's.

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    Wow! I'm sorry for all this you have been through. I guess in my mind it's not so important what I tell the doc as much as what he asks me, how he does his exam, how he listens to what I do tell him and most importantly whether he believes in FMS and how much experience he has in treating it successfully. The first visit to any doc is like a two-way interview.

    I would definitely mention my worst symptoms and discuss how he would help me treat them. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    The first visit to any doc is like a two-way interview. Mention your symptoms, keep a pain diary, as Madwolf has suggested many times, pay attention to what the doc is saying to/asking you, then ask him questions. I wouldn't go in there *suggesting* a diagnosis, unless it's one you've already gotten from another doc.

    You can do a web search for daily pain diary or weekly pain diary - you get the drift. There are several on the web you can download and print, you just need to find the one you like best.

    I finally did that and brought it with me to my doc's appointment this week and the nurse couldn't say enough positive things about my doing that. It's now a part of my file with this doc. I'm going to continue doing it.

    Good luck.

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    I tried a few different way's of keeping a Pain Journal, and usually quit after a while, to much work, I'm an over achiever, I fortget the old Kiss method.
    Well I got to looking at a calander, and the box's and though, Hey, why not just draw a Smiley face that show's the different Pain Level's.

    Then I write down what Symptom caused the Most Pain, then at the end of the Month, or, week if your more organized than me, I write a Short Summary of the Worst day's, and then I list how many bad day's I had. Also how many good day's I had, Dr's need to know that too.

    I keep a copy for me, and make 3 for my Doctor's. That also cover's their backside as far as Rx's go. It shows that I'm being a good little Pt. ;o)

    It really helps the Dr. to key in on the Important Problems, and dosen't waste time. Their's or mine.
    Except for my Orthopedic Dr. I Love to talk to Him about Photography, he's up todate on the new Toy's, sigh, I tell myself as soon as I get him paid off, i'm getting a Digital, only I really want a Camcorder, so I can make my own Music Viedo's. The Photographer in me won't give up.

    You should ask the Doctor's office to send you a copy of your Test result's, that'll save you a trip, and they do have your address, right? Then from now on when your there at the Office, tell them then to mail you a copy of the reports when They get them. that way they Know it's you asking. I have most of my Records from Idaho, and my MRI's also. It was so Helpful with my New Dr.'s here in Ca. It also showed the Progression of my other Conditions, like Spinal Stenosis, and Denegerative Disc Disease (DDD), and of course you gotta throw in a little(?) OA. Which cause's more Pain Grrr!.

    There's a website that has Printable Information for Different Caregiver's, such as Primary , Neurogist, Dentist, even one for the Pharmicast, I use that one alot. They are the ones who usually give me trouble about my Med's. So I tell them when They personally find a Pill that will cure me, I'll be the first in Line. Till then, Please read this and then I hand them the Printout.
    It's at Dr. Starlanyl's site, we don't give out URL's now, but if you use your Search Engine, I like Goggle myself, you can type in her name and a menu with links should get you there. You'll be looking for, Devin Starlanyl

    She also has some Books that I thing are invaluable to keep around, she explains things in terms that are easy to Understand. My Doctor's think I Know to much at times, lol. No really they are very Cool, and they like the fact that I do keep trying to figure this darn MPS/FMS combo that I have. I beg them every vist to Please find a cure, smiling of course, and they smile back, we're trying.

    Good luck to you, and don;t give up, there's gotta be a Doctor somewhere that can help you. I found quite a few, bad part is they are all in Ca. So I had to leave Idaho, which I truly Loved, but my Health is more Important.
    So is your's, so Keep fighting and find a Doctor.


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    Some good advice. I will make something up to document my pain. I went into the web as suggested and downloaded some pain logs on a floppy. I put the floppy in and it wouldn't come up. I will try again. I will try and come up with a few of most important things to me and address them in the first interview. Thanks again!!! Love, Deb