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    Hi Shirl, just wondering if you can try and e-mail RoZzZ. Like me she lives in Australia and like me has not done a profile as yet. She lives in Canberra which is about 3 hours or so from me. We are having a really hot summer over here and many many bushfires in three states. Canberra (national capital ) are having a horrific time with three dead and 400 houses gone. A number of people at church today had rellies' at risk and were talking about it. Fires are still raging there and more suburbs at risk. It's @ 40% again today and worse expected tomorrow and the winds said to worsen. I am just worried about her and would like to support her if I can.. If you can reach her you can give her my e-mail address. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks. Love Ozgran
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    I just answered this post, and it disappeared! I just wrote RoZzZ for you and sent your eaddress to her.

    I sure hope all of you are alright. Those fires are horrific. We have them in the states too. Last year was bad in Louisiana (where I live), we had no rain in months,the temperature was way up, and the ground was so dry it would catch on fire, then the pine trees would go up in flames. Thousands of acres burned here not far from where I live.

    It always breaks my heart with the people who lose everything and sometimes their lives, and all the wildlife that lose their homes and lives as well.

    Take care, and keep us updated on how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl