Shirl, Noni Juice again :)

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  1. IntuneJune

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    Oh dear,
    Just found my bottle of Noni Juice in the far back of the refrigerator. When it got pushed back, it went out of sight, out of mind. It is still almost full. How long does Noni Juice last in the refrigerator?

    (Also,just did a search to find out why I was taking it--was it for IBS?)

    Today, I stopped at the health food store, but had to walk all around to try to remember why I stopped. Then had to drop clothes off at the cleaners. Well, drove right by the shop, and ended up in the center of the village wondering why I was in Wickford Village---now mind you, my back seat was full of winter coats. Thank goodness!!! So, I turned around, carted all the clothes into the cleaners and said to the woman, I am also picking up a suit I dropped off last week, and I am telling you now so when we are done with the drop-off order, it will be your responsibility to REMEMBER the suit. She wrote up the drop-off order, remembered the suit, I paid for it by master charge. As I am starting my car, the woman R-U-N-S out of the cleaners with the suit!!! Fondly, June
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  2. sofy

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    i resemble you
  3. Shirl

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    The Noni Juice is for the IBS! I just looked at mine, it has no expiration date on it, this is a new bottle, I buy it by the case. I would imagine as long as it was in the fridge, its still good. Can't tell by the taste, its awful when first opened!

    At least you only found a bottle of juice in your fridge that you forgot. Sometimes I find 'science projects'! as my grandson calls them.

    I have a great sense of smell, thats why I don't poison myself with food, if it does not smell good, then out it goes! (except Noni, it smells bad all the time).

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. IntuneJune

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    If it weren't so expensive,I would throw it out, but, lets just say the juice might be a year old (oh my *%$*& I can't believe I am typing this) Well, it might NOT be a year old either. (this is so embarrassing) Oh dear, should I throw it out????? June

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  5. Shirl

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    June! if its that old, throw it out! I should read this post of yours to my husband, he thinks I am nuts-o when I do stuff like that :).

    Take care lady.........................

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I first heard of Noni juice when I went to the NFR in Las Vegas. World champion barrel racer uses it for aches, pains and well-being. I think they also sponsor her as she wears a lot of shirts with a big NONI patch on them. They wanted me to be a distributor, but I was skeptical. Now I've heard a lot about it on this board. hmmm