Shirl (or anyone)...cuddle ewe or featherbed

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  1. OmShanti

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    Hello :)
    I'm torn between which one of these I should try. I've read through most of the previous posts about them and can't seem to find a difference/pro/con (cept that one is 100+ more than the other)...was wondering Shirl, since I think you mentioned once that you have both on separate beds in your home right?...which do you prefer? Even though the featherbed from qvc says it's "uncrushable" i'm inclined to think it would get crushed down more than the cuddle ewe, just by the nature of it...but I really have no idea...which is why i'm posting this...i'm so indecisive!
    much love to all and I appreciate any input :)
  2. reva727

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    I've had a cuddle ewe for a couple of years. The only complaint I have is that is gets formed to your body and you have to shake it to redistribute the filling. It is comfortable though and I like it. My husband complains that it makes the mattress to thick. You have to buy deep pocketed sheets. Whether it is worth the money or not is a personal decision. They are expensive. They will throw in a book on fibromyalgia with it or a pillow. I got both. The pillow is comfortable. I had been having trouble finding one that didn't hurt my neck. Most of them are too high.
  3. Shirl

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    To be perfectly honest, I love both of them. Since I do not have the uncrushable featherbed for a long time, I can't vouch for how long it will stay fluffed up. My old one did shift the feathers after a couple of years, that is why I bought the uncrushable.

    As for the Cuddle Ewe, I have it now about three months, have been sleeping on it every night, daytime for naps too. So far it has not shifted at all.
    In fact, I use a sleigh bed for a sofa in my library and thats where the Cuddle Ewe is now, so I also 'sit' on it as a sofa too. I am spoiled rotten with the softness :)

    What I do have is a queen size Cuddle Ewe, doubled on a single bed, which makes it twice as thick.

    When I change the sheet, I have my husband give it a good shake, and we turn it the opposite from what it was each time. That probably will help keep it from sinking or shifting.

    It is wonderful to sleep on, that I can assure you! Its like laying on a cloud, its not hot either.

    The featherbed is also a dream to sleep on, but they do shift, and there is always a few feathers that do come out now and then. But cannot knock the confort.

    I am not helping much as I? But I am being honest with you.

    You do have a 30 day return policy on both, so why not take advantage of that and try both? That way you can decide for yourself.

    I do agree the Cuddle Ewe is no doubt the best of the two as for as durability is concerned. It should last a lifetime.

    HOpe this was of some help for you to make a decision.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. OmShanti

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    Thanks for the quick replies! I think I'm going to try the cuddle ewe, or maybe I'll order both out and return the one that's least comfy. I'm sure either one will probably be heavenly compared to what i'm trying to sleep on now! Thanks again :)
  5. lpdraus

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    My opinion is to buy the Cuddle Ewe.

    I bought a Northern Nights featherbed on QVC last winter and it was great for a little while and I even doubled it on my side of the bed about a month ago. I wanted something for the whole bed without feeling beat up. I bought the Cuddle Ewe and I love it.

    Just my opinion

  6. MissRachel

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    HI TARA,

    My mom gave my a cuddle ewe (CE) and I could not believe the difference it makes. I have only been using for a week and I experience less morning pain. I too, like Mikie have a queen size one and fold it in half because he claims he dosn't like it (he has never tried it!) The wool keeps you nice and cool in the summer and I assume hot in the winter (only had it a week so well see> All I know is that I am taking more naps and going to be early, just to use my CE (I'll use any reason) I think i'm addicted.

    I have never tried a feather bed, but do have a super ultra delux matters with the extra pillow top. It's not bad, but add the CE (CUddle Ewe) and it's heaven.

    I already buy the deep pocket sheets becase my matters is extra thick and had no proples adding the CE.

    CE is my recommendation.