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  1. Bellesmom

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    Sorry to bother you but how much of the ingredients in ZMA can you take at one time? I am already taking ProEnergy and Magnesium Glycinate as well as calcium and magnesium - all from the store on this site.

    I looked into ZMA before but it seemed like I would really be overdoing it on the Magnesium, B-6 and whatever else is in it. The only thing I don't take already is the Zinc.

    What do you think??

    Pam, Spanaway, WA
  2. Shirl

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    What I do is take one Pro Energy before breakfast (with a full glass of water), one before lunch (also with a glass of water), the the ZMA at night before bed.

    I am averaging about 450 -500 milligrams of magnesium a day. Which is about average.

    I do not take calcium with magnesium, I think that they should be taken a few hours apart, but others take it together.

    As for the B-6 I don't think that would be over doing it since I am taking two a day of the Pro Energy and 2 at night of the ZMA.

    As for calcium, I am a milk drinker, so I do not take calcium supplements, as I get more than enough calcium with milk and yogurt, BUT make sure I do not eat/drink with the magnesium supplements.

    If you over do the magnesium, it will give you diarrhea. Thats a signal to cut back.

    Hope this helped.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. Bellesmom

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    I just wish the store on this site would let us change our automatic shipments online instead of calling in. I just hate to talk on the phone (that's just me!).

    So glad to have the wealth of information available on this website. You are ALL so wonderful!!!

  4. Shirl

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    I know what you mean about talking on the phone! One time I would be on the phone all the time. Now when it rings I could scream!

    I even hate to order my supplements, or anything else. Must be something to do with these illnesses, who knows?

    Take care and I hope you get the results I get from the Pro Energy and the ZMA.

    Shalom, Shirl