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  1. ejay

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    hi shirl at this point my weight is very low as i have lost 80lbs its not that i'm not hungry i just don't feel up to the pain so this book might be the answer. i'. not able to get out of the house thes days very often so maybe i could order it over the net do you happen tn know the name of the best one. i'm very grateful for any help.ejay
  2. Shirl

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    The one I have is 'Eat Great, and Lose Weight'.

    That was her first book. Be careful though, you will lose weight if you stay strickly with her diet. Try mixing it with the level 2 eating plan at least once a day.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. AnnetteP

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    I have all her books, and my favorite one is the one Shirl just mentioned. While you will get more up-to-date info in her current book, I find the recipes in the first book to be the best.

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    thankyou husbands going to go right away he says instead of waiting. ejay