Shirl, where can I get a wireless mattress heating pad?

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  1. Debgene56

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    I am from Ma, went to the local hospital pharmacy store and they have no idea where to get one. The pharmacies around here have very limited heating pads. Thanks! Love, Deb
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    They have both a web site and an 800 number. I paid about $66 for a queen size, and was very impressed both by the speedy service and the quality. They also have a bunch of catalogs that you can request if you want them. Lots of neat stuff.
  3. Shirl

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    I got mine from Penny's. They are also sold at Sear's, Spiegel's. Some people have also found them at Wal-Mart (but not in my area).

    When you get one, you are going to LOVE that thing!! I have two of them, just in case one dies. No kidding, I have mine for almost three years now. They are also washable.

    Oh yes, I got the single bed size, cut the skirt off and put it under the sheet on my side of the bed. My husband can't stand heat, plus it was much cheaper.

    Just be careful if you do this, don't cut the mico filament that the heat goes through!

    Try online for the stores if they are not in the catalogs.

    Good luck!

    Shalom, Shirl
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