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    You love a variety of books as do I. Being a believer, sometimes I get a wierd look when I admit to loving serial killer books as well. The only thing I notice when I read too much of that stuff (loves James Patterson),and other secular stuff is that I realize I get down a bit from vile grammar and situations. Then I get into Beverly Lewis or someone sweet like that to get me out of my funk. Do you ever get that?-Cindy
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    Cindy, most of what I read is True Crime by profilers like John Douglas, Robert Ressler, Gerry Spence (who is an attorney not a profiler), Mark Fuhrman's book 'Murder in Greenwich' actually brought the killer to justice after 20 years, his books are also great, etc. its actually what happened in its ugliest form, but there are some parts of these books I have to skip a chaper or two if it gets too graphic.

    It does get to me too. Their writing is graphic in the sense of what actually went on, not just vile language at all. They are similar to watching Court TV. The ones I read anyway.

    Ann Rule is one that is careful with language/ and situations, she writes in a sense that you know what went on (details), rather than getting too graphic about it, and is easy to read without the graphic details, although she does write about actual crimes.

    The first book I read of her's was; 'A Stranger Beside Me', it was all about her personal relationship with Ted Bundy, and how 'charming' he was to her, it was difficult for her to believe that he was actually the killer of all those sweet girls. It is quite a book if you have not read it yet. She has so many books out now that I can't keep up with her writings, all the ones I read are excellent.

    I do take breaks from these type of books as I do not think anyone can just keep reading these horrific crimes without breaks. It can make you morbid yourself.

    But it is a sad part of life, and I would think the Lord would want us to know there is such evil out there, and to be warned of it. He would not want us ignorant of what this world is really like.

    I also have my daughter reading them, as she was way too trusting with strangers (always trying to help strangers), after reading about Ted Bundy, she is much more careful with strangers, especially those who 'claim' to be helpless, she will now go into a store/mall whatever (or use her cell phone to call for help now, after she gets a distance from them) , and tell a security guard that someone needs help, instead of trying to help people herself! It made a profound impression on her.

    NO, I do not think these men are mentally ill, I think they are simply pure evil, and without a soul. I can't think of the scripture right now, but there is one that speaks about humans who have no 'soul', maybe our friend 'Poimaehopkins' can help us with that scripture :), or maybe it was in some Jewish writings I read, I do tend to forget where I read things sometimes as I am such a reader, then the FM fog sets in too..........

    You do learn how to avoid being a 'victim' of these evil people by reading their profiles of how they entise innocent women/girls into their nasty nets of murder/etc.

    Its sad they do not 'glow' in the dark, then we would know them easier, but usually they are just too nice and most people fall for that, as is with child molesters.

    What I can't read is the child molesters, they simply break my heart, and I can't get the facts out of my mind.......

    I see no fault in Christians reading this material for the facts of it, althrough some may disagree with me.

    You are a fisty lady to read these books, I do not know many who would do so, besides myself and daughter!

    God bless,

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Thank you so much for writing back. I appreciate your input. It gives me peace and a sense of validation somehow. I haven't read Ann Rule, but of course I "know" of her! I'll get the Bundy book at the library soon.
    I totally agree with the information in these books giving information, knowledge and strength! Jeffrey Dahmer lived at the apartment complex where a former employee of mine lived. You can just imagine the talks we had! -Cindy
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    Jeffery Dahmer is another one that no one though was anything but a 'nice' quiet person who kept to himself, and look what he did. He even looked simply pathetic in court! You could almost 'feel sorry for him', with his passive appearance..........

    I can well imagine the conversations with someone who actually lived near him! He should write a book from the side of how none dangerous he seemed to be.

    As the Bible says, the 'devil can appear as an angel of light'..................

    You will enjoy Ann Rules book on Ted Bundy, I think he did not kill her as she did not fit the 'type' that he chose to kill. She even worked with him at a Suicide Hotline for quite a while.

    Her experiences with him are really shocking to say the least, he was so kind and considerate.

    If you read one of her books, you will get addicted to her writings :) she is really good.

    John Wayne Gacy (Pogo the Clown) was another, even involved in politics, and a clown for childrens parties. Frightening to say the least..........

    Enjoy your reading, and be sure to recommend the books to the young adults and parents, they can learn a lot as to how to avoid being taken in by these evil people, who always seem so 'nice'............

    God bless, and glad I could help you a little.

    Shalom, Shirl

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