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    Sorry I wasn't more to the point. Not on FM or nutrition, I have Devin's survival manual too :), its great. I meant a good basic do's and don'ts on holistic approaches and herbs for medicinal purposes , stuff like that. I know there is a sea of read on this, just not sure which would be a good start. I have an Alternative Health& Medicine Encyclopedia, but is a great reference for looking things up once you know what your doing and all. Thanks for all your help as are a gift. love, Rebel
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    Here are two that might be what you are looking for; 'The Real Vitamin & Minreral Book (second edition) by Shari Lieberman, PhD.

    'Encyclopedia of Nutritional Suppements' by 'Michael T. Murray, ND.

    You may have this one, but if not, its invaluable for reference; 'Prescription for Nutritional Healing (Third Edition)' by Phyllis A. Bach CNC.

    If you want more on Holistic, try the Amazon or Barns and Nobel sites.

    Also Jasmine is very good on holistic meds too.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I really appreciate the time you spent on this. Tried to research some first, but lots of stress here today, as well as I quit smoking my frustration was intense with trying to find what I wanted (like a dog after a bone,lol) love, Rebel