SHOCK at the cost of my meds for 2012

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I just recieved my AARP Medicare complete insurrance packet , informing me of all the changes that will be made in 2012. I looked at the script coverage frist and jumped at teh cost of a tier 1 drug. WOW I was only going to have to pay $3.00 a script, WRONG answer None of my meds are a Tier 1 drug. Three of them are a Tier # drug and the cost of a Tier 3 drug is $42.00
    and I have one drug that is a tier 2 drug and will cost $6.00. And one that is not covered by medicare at all, and it is usually around $ 16.99.

    I am in shock !!! How the heck am I going to pay for my meds now. I get $311.10 a month from SSDI and it does not cover dental at all. And I have to get my teeth fixed asap. So I am going to be paying $144.00 in scripts every month. Can I cry now? I have no other help in paying for my meds.

    I odn't know how I am going to do this and still pay on my glasses and dental bills and gas for my car. To top things off my DH thinks that I should pay for my own car insurance like I will have any money left over to save up for the $160..0 twice a year. Plus the cost my my rhumey goes up $5.00 so that will be $40.00 every visit, that has changed from every other month to every 4 months.
    Right now I pay for some of the food that I like to snack on and that is going to have to change as I just won't have any money left over to pay for it.
    I am panicing right now and don't have any one to share this with as DH is hunting til tomorrow, and my girls are around to talk with and dont' get it any way.

    I just odn't know how I am going to be abel to pay for my billsI will most likey have less than&70.00 left over to pay for any thing else.
    Help what am I ogng to do?, I don't have to pay a co-pay for this insurance but I will have to still pay for my part B medicare and I am not sure how much it is going to be yet. Just wishful thinking but maybe it won't cost any thing LOL. NOt a chance. But if it didnt' cost the $96.50 every month that would be so great. But I am not conunting on that.
    Thanks for listening to my ranting and raveing.


  2. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Rosemarie, is your husband unable to help you out financially?
  3. lea

    lea Member

    in paying for medicare.
    Call 800medicare or google that.
    BTW, is there communityhealth that may offer dental service;
    good luck
  4. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    My hubby does not pay for any of my medical bills, at this time. His insurance coverage is expensive and has a high deductable for scripts, and it is expensive and he feels he can't afford to put me on his ins. Right now he is paying for his diebetes suppies as his ins , does not cover his pump supplies and tests strips. Huby pays the usual things you know, house to live in , and all that goes with it. But tells me that to put me on his insurance is going to cost too much a about $350.00 per month.

    I am on medicare and up to now my ins has been resally good. But with the report I got today I am going to be up a creek with out a paddle when it comes for paying for my meds.

    I am on Mscontin
    Xanax ( ins does not cover this at all)

    I am going to have to look in to options to assist me, I might even have to get a suppltmental part d insurance , I know that most supplemtnal insurance's have a co- pay I am hoping to find one that helps out low income .But that is the problem I have always had to include my hubby's income and as he does not pay for my medial bills I want one who will let not include my hubbies income. Just mine from SSDI. I get $311.10 after medicare part B and tax's.

    I am in a bind and my stress level is so high right now that I am ready to cry not that it will help any. I am so upset at the changes in my AARP SEcire care , United Heatlh Care. I went a year paying my own scripts cost and I paid high prices around $144.50 and than it went down to $87.00 but that was after I found out that my had scropt coverage. But it is the same insurance I had then just the price has changed.

    I am going to try to relax now. /Thanks for your thoughts and support
  5. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I have three daughters all thre are married and starting their own famililes. ONe daughter still lives with my MOm to help take care of her, this daughter does not have any extra money to help me out. I would not even ask her to help me. The other two have husbands who are in the military one just came back from Afganistian and is geting to know his family again, The other SIL is still in Iraq and had a month or so before he come home. Where his wife aand 1 yr old son are waiting to get aquainted again.

    The kids don't have money to help me outrying to buy their first house, one rents an apratment and is getting used to living on a lower income after his time served over dseas. The oldest daughter adn SIL both work full time jobs and don't have any thing extra to assist me.

    I am so worried that I will not qualifiy for any help from medicare. MY hubby makes over $7.00 per hour more like $17.00 per hour and I am so scared that it will be too much adn I willl not qualifiy for any reductuion in my medicare plan or in paying my medicare part B insuracne. I had hoped that I could be albe to qualify to get that $96.50 back into my income but after looking at the info more I am not so sure that it will happen.

    So I am gong to look for a different part D insurance to see if my meds are a lower cost than the ins I am on now. I just can't pay a co-pay for part D ins. P;ease pray for me that I will be abel to find the help that I need.


  6. emah

    emah Member

    I don't know if anyone has suggested this but try going to the pharmaceuticl company that makes your meds website. Sometimes they will help people get their medicine. Montel Williams advertised a place that helped with meds. Hope this helps.
  7. emah

    emah Member

    I don't know if anyone has suggested this but try going to the pharmaceuticl company that makes your meds website. Sometimes they will help people get their medicine. Montel Williams advertised a place that helped with meds. Hope this helps.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, it stinks doesn't it. Believe me, I understand. I didnpt read all of these posts and didn;t check all your drugs but if these are name brand are there some of these that are generic? I did a lot of changing of drugs to ones that were similar or had generic equivalents. My PCP was good about helping me change over to other things that worked just as well for me in b/p especially and now the tramadol that I am just trying out. The Ultram is still expensive.

    I was also on Forteo for 2 years and thank God for my insurance or I couldnlt have been on it. It was close to $1000 a pen, maybe 800 if you were lucky.

    Talk to your doctor and see if there is anything that can be changed to generic or anoather drug that is tht might work for you. Of course if that is the only drug that will work then that is something else.

    I was on Hyzaar for some time and before the generic came out to the public, like about a year ago I think. Now I am on Losartan, first without and then with the HCTZ. I was on two hi tier drugs before I started changing and things are a lot less expensive now. I hope you can get some and maybe if you can't maybe you can live without some of it. With hi b/p drugs, thank goodness the Losartan and verapamil are helping me or I wouldn't have a lot of choice. Can't take the chance with hi b/p that spikes and doesn't respond to treatments, no matter what the cost. Yes, also sometimes the drug company will help some too on very expensive drugs.

    Good luck and hope you can get some help with your meds. You might talk to your doc or pharmacist. Pharmacists are usually very helpful if docs don't want to be. My doc was a very big help to me.

    Big hugz,
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just for the heck of it I looked up a few of your drugs and they have generics. Not sure about the AARP coverage by we have CVS/Caremark and I found that three of your meds have generics. Not sur eif you have tried them before but if you haven't you might want to try them.

    The Xanax generic is Alprazolam ( I think) I did some googling too. The cost for me would be $4.01 for a 90 day supply mail order and $5 for 30 days at the pharmacy.

    The Soma generic is Carisoprodol is $10 for 90 days mail order and $5 for 30 days at the pharmacy.

    The Visterial or Restoril genereic is (Temazepam is $591 for mail order of 90 days and $5 for 30 days.

    Your insurance may not be as good as this but even if you go to Wal Mart of something it has bound to be alot cheaper than you are paying.

    Check the other two drugs and see if they have generics and then find out the cost. This should be alot cheaper for you but hope it works. So far all the generics I have taken have done the job. Not sure yet about the Tramadol genereic for Ultram. Pain is a tricky thing. I don't want to go on the harder drugs, I did for awhile but that is your choice.. Right now I am working on the dosage along with some Tylenol and will keep trying. I have had it for 25 years and still have the crappy pain. I'm just dealing with it the way everyone here is . Hopefully you can get some of these cheaper drugs and that they can help you some. Your bills will certainly be cheaper. Again good luck hon !! Hope you can get these and that they will work for you

    More big hugz,
  10. paulac7

    paulac7 Member

    That was really nice of you to help Rosemarie by looking up all that info for her on how she could possibly save some $$ on her meds.

    Rosemarie--I am hoping you soon have an end to your troubles and worries, as you seem like a really nice, caring person. I, too, agree that it is not fun to be in pain, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. I don't understand what Vitamin D levels have to do with medicine costs, though--maybe missing something here.

    Anyhow, Rosemarie--like Granni said, good luck with maybe getting your meds cheaper--do some online research, and like another poster suggested--sometimes the pharmaceutical companies have 'assistance programs' for people who are having problems paying for their meds.

  11. SBear

    SBear Member

    I was pretty darn upset this year when I hit the infamous doughnut hole. Your situation is much worse than mine, I know! I'm going to speak to my NP about getting larger doses so I could split pills, generic alternatives, and older alternatives to expensive new drugs. The suggestion about contacting the manufacturer of your more expensive medications is a good one---quite often they will help you obtain what you need. Talk frankly to your doctor----mostly the medical practitioners have no clue about the cost of the medication they prescribe, or the severe anxiety and deprivation that cost entails. A lot of people get good advice from the pharmacist, as well.

    I'll be waiting to see a post saying your situation has improved-thinking good thoughts for you!
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    To qualify for help from pharma co's. They don't take into account your assets, only your gross adjusted income from your taxes. If you pay no taxes, you can usually qualify for full assistance from them. Some of them will dicount the drugs if you don't qualify for full assistance. You have to apply with each diff. co. you get drugs from and your doc has something to fill out usually. It is well worth it. My neighbor did this and they are by no means low income. His cancer meds were astronomical.

    Granni, I take the Losartan and am so grateful for it. When it was Cozaar, my co-pay was $50 for a month. I take it in addition to a BP med. This drug has cut the incidece of strokes and heart attacks by 16 percent in studies. I take it without HTCZ because I can't tolerate that. I've been through the gamut of BP meds and finally settled on Clonodine. It makes me tired and sometimes a bit depressed and it used to interfer with sleep but, thank God, that side effect has gotten better with time.

    Love, Mikie

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