Shocked don't know what to do

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    Hello all;
    I have been a chronic pain pt (herniated cervical disk, protruding lumbar disc), treating with the same doctor for the past 12 years. When I was no longer able to function as an RN I was off 1.5 years and retrained myself as a software engineer. I was able to work from home doing this. Now I can no longer do this.

    The medication I've been on for oh so many years no longer is working well and I haven't worked since 4/2001. I finally got up the nerve to ask my doctor for CA SDI and to support my claim for SSDI. (I've worked most of my life I'm 46), I expected that my doctor would order more tests etc... as she did but I didn't expect her to tell me I was to educated and intelligent that there was something I could do! I asked her what she thought I could do and she never answered me. But she was adamant in her refusal to even give me temporary state disability. She said as an RN they were so short they would hire me and just use my brain. I asked her if I couldn't drive and couldn't take a shower and get to work how could they do that? My husband has to shower and cook etc....

    I don't know what to do. Here I sit with orders for almost $4,000 worth of tests and zero income for the past year and a half! The two hour drive to her office yesterday took such an extreme toll on me I had to cancel, again, my telephone appt. with the SSA folks, but that doesn't matter as if she won't support me it's simply no use.

    Further I was stunned when I looked at my records and they said things I didn't say and listed my complaint as neck pain!! Yet the billing statement she handed me to take to the front lists neck lumbar spine, and radiculopathy but that wasn't reflected in my chart. I'm just beat .....
    Thanks for any help you can offer but just venting was good,
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    I've never been through the SDI journey, but others here have & I'm sure they'll have specific suggestions for you.

    For the disc pain....I had the steroid epidurals this summer for my herniated neck discs, and my pain is about 90% better. I can go weeks now & not even remember that I have cervical disc disease, whereas it was debilitating pain before. So you might check into this, unless you have already-----everyone doesn't have the same results.

    Good luck & you should get some feedback on disability from the many here who have walked that road!

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    That sucks. You really need a doctor that will support you, can you find another doctor in your area that at least believes in our illnesses? You won't get anywhere with SSA if you don't have doctor's on your side.

    I'm going through the battle myself with them, just turned in my reconsideration for apppeal. Fortunately, my doctor believes me and supports my claim. And I'm lucky enough to have the other docs that SS sent me to, in which I had a whole 15 minutes to convince them of my pain and suffering, but I think they believed me too, didn't say I was depressed and that's why I'm sick.

    Good Luck, it's a rough fight, I know.

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    Pam and Lisa;
    Thank you both so much! My doctor knows I'm in terrible pain. I've seen her every three months for the past 12 years for this. Further when I was no longer able to function as an RN anymore I retrained myself and never asked for a penny during the year and a half I was out of work. So for me to ask it was because I very seriously needed it. I'm so bad I can't even complete SS's little green form and still haven't completed the state disability form.

    Sadly I just spoke to an attorney and they won't take me if the doctor won't support it. However it does show in my chart that I've deteriorated slowly over time. Further I have hard copy MRI's of my DX.

    Finally I have a psychologist I've seen over the years for the struggle related to chronic pain. I think she may well support me. So I may go at this laterally. If I can find someone to assist me. Anyway thank you so much for the reply just hearing someone else helps me so much.
    PS anyone know of a doctor in the LA area?