Shoes can they cause more pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, May 7, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    A couple of months ago I bought a pair of shoes that have the rounded soles much like the brand name shoe called {Shape Ups}. The Brand name shoes tell you to only weawr them for a few monutes each day to adjust to them as the rounded sole makes you keep you center of balance, which for some of us is hard to do, your also getting a work out as with each step you take your exerciseing you legs, calves and hips. I have also heard that if you wear these shoes you can lose weight as every time you walk your gettting exercise.

    I can't afford the brand name shoes so I bought that less expenseive one from a discount store, I only wore them for short periods of time to get used to them. They didn't seem to cause any soreness after I had worn them for several days, just for a small amount of time.
    Then I wore them every day and suddenly my legs, back , hips thighs, and well whole body ached all over, like I was starting to flare.

    So I stoppped wearing them for a few days ad was feelign better so I walked around the craft store two days ago and by the time I was on my way home my legs, feet and calves and knee's all hurt. I took them off as soon as I got home, the pain in my legs were so bad that all I wanted to do was to take a hot bath but I didn't feel like I could stand up to get out of the tub and I knew I could not stand to take a shower , it is not as relaxing either.

    I know that I brought this pain on my self by wearing the new shoes , but I have to wear them some of the time as my older one's are ewaring out fast. I rested that night some but I didn't want to go to bed as my mattress is too hard for my likes. [new mattress bought one year ago long story}
    I never stopped to think that a pair of shoes could cuase my legs to ache so badly, or make my knee's click and not bend as easily.

    I have lost some weight a few pounds , not much but better than nothing, i guess that I am going to have to wear these shoes in smaller dose's, and not walkk on them for more than about 20 minutes. I can't afford to just not wear them because i really needed new shoe adn these were on sale so being courious I bought them for $15.00.

    Now I am wondering if the long flare that I am getting over with is not partly caused by wearing the rounded sole shoes. I am going to have to keep notes on how long I walk in them and what happen's when I wear them for longer periods of time. Just what i need to have more body aches from wearing shoes that are meant for walking , exerciseing and having a better posture, I like them as they do make me stand up straight and not slumping over all the time. I had such high hopes with these new shoe's , to be albe to stand up straighter and walk arond and exericse with out knowing that I was doing it. I wnated the shoes to tone up my body but instead they make my legs ache. So I am going to wear them sparingly.

    It will be another few months before I can afford to buy new shoes again.
    I have learned my lesson, don't follow the trends when you have fibro, arthritis, ddd, MPS, and back problems. The things I do to try to get in to shape with out working out is amazing to me. i am looking in to my gym membership to see if it is still active, I have not gone to the gym all winter as I was doing the water arobics in their therapy pool. I don't like to go and exercise and sit in the hot tub after and then have to go home in the cold weather after being so nice and warm.

    I really wanted to go sit in the hot tub today but they are only opentill noon on Saturdays.
    So much for buying new shoes and thinking htat they really are going to work for me, after all my body works differently.

    I am feeling a bit better today and am going to see the grand babies and play iwth them too.
    Thanks for listening to my complaining.

    LEFTYGG Member

    Ihave been building up my feet with barefoot inserts. you wear level 1 for a week then 2 and so on. im on level 7. well wedsday i wore a pair of sandals all day and for 2 days i could barely walk.

    if i do anything different it really affects my feet.i was off sugar and wheat for 6 weeks and felt much better. stupid me fell off the wagon. im gonna start again. i was in such a good frame of mind then.

    not to be critical but a $15. pair of shoes cant be good. i put the inserts in my new balance gym shoes. i dont know how ill wear sandals this summer. hope you get better. love gail
  3. kat211

    kat211 New Member

    I have never gotten along with people who work in marketing for the pure reason that their job is to sell you something no matter the worthlessness of it. These shoes are the perfect example. #1 - if we were meant to walk around on rounded soles, we would have been born with them or developed them during puberty while everything else in our bodies was going haywire. #2 - independent study after independent study has proven these shoes to only be effective at draining the buyers wallet and screwing up their bodies if worn for extended periods. #3 - They are uglier then bell bottoms and terry cloth tube tops.

    If they are making you hurt so bad, DO NOT WEAR THEM! You don't know what they are really doing to you. Don't put yourself through the pain. It isn't worth it. You aren't getting a work out. You have enough to contend with with these DDs, don't knowingly add to it. Throw on a pair of slippers or flip flops if you have to and be ok with it b/c your health and well-being should always come before a stupid pair of shoes. And I say that as a never wanting to even think about beginning to admit I have a problem shoe addict.

    I have 4 things I will never ever skimp on - shoes (if you do your body will never forgive you), a mattress (you spend 1/4, or more in most of our cases, of your life in it), a bra, and birth control. (the last 2 don't need explaining)

    On a side note, I am having great weight loss success on the Stella Style diet. I lost 7lbx in the first week. It is a life style change more than a diet, but it is real food and very tasty and easy.
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Are wonderful for some and hell for others. I, and several of my coworkers, had knee pain from old surgeries. One of the women I worked with got the shoes and they were a God send for her. I got a pair and couldn't believe how much better my knee was and how much better my posture was as well.

    I'm sorry they are causing you pain. You're not the first person I've heard of who had pain from wearing them, even "normal" people.

    Kat, I'm hurt to the quick :) Most of my working years were in marketing and sales. I never tried to sell anyone anything which wasn't appropriate for them. I saw my job as providing information so that people could make informed choices. Of course, the con men smear everyone but we shouldn't be painted with the same wide brush stroke. I'm kidding about being hurt but felt compelled to stand up for what can be an honest and helpful calling.

    Love, Mikie
  5. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I bought the shoes on sale thinking that I had tryed them on and wore them for a few minutes, so I made a mistake and I have learned not to buy or wear these shoes. \the shoes were on sale for $15.00 and I thought that it was not a bad deal, But for me it was a bad deal and made my body ache worse.

    You also mentioned mattress's when we lost our house we had to buy a new bed as for the past 25 yrs we had slept on a baffled water bed, when we moved into this tiny house, we bought the mattresss we could afford, it is not a spendy mattress and it cost under $500.00.

    Yes I wish that I could have the mattress of my choice which is a intelligel mattress , I have laid on one and it was great the best mattress I have ever rested on. IF I could have it I would but the cost is way too much they cost $1,500.00 -3,000 for a king sized bed. So I won't be getting one soon.

    When I get my next pay check I will be buying new shoes but not with rounded soles, I will find ones that fit right and are comfy. Yes I should have known better but I have dear friends who have fibro and wear them as well and they have not had any problems so I thought what could it hurt. Now I know it can hurt me. I even asked my doctor and he said they would be fine.
    Yes I messed up in buying shoes but I didn't spend the $109.00 that the brand name ones cost. I have learned my lesson.

  6. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I don't have the shape ups just the walmart brand of them. I have pretty good balance and I have not had any problems with my balance while wearing the shoes. While I am wearing them I don't have much pain it is after wards that the pain gets bad. Maybe I am wearing them too long? I don't know, I don't want to have to waste a good pair of shoes even tho I got them on sale. I like it that they help me to stand up straighter and my back does not ache as much.

    I don't know what I am going to do as of yet but I really liked the concept of the shoes.
    Thanks for your post and I hope that they work well for you
  7. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    i too buy shoes from walmart, and also from hsn, when i can afford it.

    i always by dr. shcolls( sp wrong, sorry, ) heel inserts, they have some like heel cups that work great with my boots,

    also there are various types foor heels, and sandal thongs, and flat's, that also work great in my tennis shoes, as long as they don't throw off my balance, as some tennys do.

    years ago, i spent over 200.00 for orthonics that were made from a mold of my feet.
    they worked great,
    but when i needed new one's they were more expensive, so i tried the dr schol's shoes, and they worked just as welll, and i finally was able to have some variety in my shoes,

    i have plantars fascittis, and can not walk barefoot, so i know the pain you are feeling, do your legs burn? when you stand for any length of time.
    that was the first symptom, of the plantar fascittis, a orthopedic is the one who gave me the dx.

    some insurances, will pay for special made one's, depending on the condion, of the condition,

    hope you find some relife and good walking shoes, try wlamart for the dr.schols,, cheaper than buying on the websties and you can try them on,

  8. PainSux

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    I have the shape ups & I mistakenly wore them when I went grocery shopping right after I got them. I was in so much pain, all over. It wasn't as bad as what you're describing but it was bad for a couple of days. I then, broke them in as instructed and don't have a problem any longer.

    I have a feeling that barely being done w/a flare & wearing them caused you to go into another flare or reactivated one that wasn't quite gone.
  9. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I work in a hospital and walk around a lot. In the past, I would wear tennis shoes a lot or maybe a pair of shoes from Naturalizer where they have better quality shoes than just plain tennis shoes.

    I was at the mall with my sister last year and we walked into a store called "Lucky Shoes", they carried a brand called Dansko. I loved the way the shoes looked, BUT THE PRICE WAS SO HIGH. The saleswoman told me they are European style shoes and they they do not snuggly, rather, they leave a lot of room inside the shoe so when your feel swell, they have somewhere to go. I just looked at her like that was crazy, but I tried a pair on. Unbelievable comfort, lots of room, your toes are not squished, gorgeous looking shoes, no ankel, foot, toe or heel pain. I broke down and bought a pair and it was the best thing I ever did.

    Now the bad news, the shoes cost me $120.00, yes, I know very steep price, BUT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY. With having fibro, low back pain, hip pain, knee pain and working in a hospital, I needed all the help I could get. The salesgirl told me they will last forever, even if I am walking on them daily at my job. Well, I have had them now for over a year, and they are still as strong and working for me wonderful. My sister and mom bought me a second pair for my birthday and I get compliments on them all the time, which I know is not important, but compliments and ease of walking was worth it, even if you only had one pair.

    I liked what the salemwoman said, "The Europeans know more about foot health than the Americans do" She was right. The Euorpeans do not have as many foot problems as Americans do as far as corns, bunions, lower leg pain because so many of them wear this style of shoe. Long post, just wanted to give some info for you. Hugs, Chelz.

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