Shoes for the fibromyalgia foot

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  1. klarry

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    I have what has been described as a fibromyalgia foot, narrow heels and wider at the front. I also have weak ankles. Does anyone have a recommendation about what kind of shoes are best? I am despairing of ever finding comfortable shoes. Last year I went through a round of plantar fascitis. Could that have been related to FM?
  2. LTLadyVols

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    Birkenstocks have been a godsend for my aching feet - I had foot pain for years and planters faciatis that just about crippled me but have been wearing Birkies for a year now and they are the greatest. They also have many styles to choose from (not just those sandal things) and I wear them to work - my coworkers all think they are comfy looking and cool. They are to me! I have tried Rockports, easy spirits, you name it but the only ones to really make a difference are my Birkies. I have a wide foot as well!

    Good luck in finding some good shoes - Birkies are not cheap but they last for years and years - my neighbor has a pair of sandals that she has been wearing for 18 years!!!
  3. suz41

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    I to often have aching feet, particualrly after spending my days running about between 3 schools in one district. I have found that Avia walking shoes lend the best support. However, I alternate between 2 styles every 2-3 days seems to help. I also buy new ones often at least every three months. In addition I use a foot cream made of aloe vera and peppermint that I get at the local bath and body store when my feet really hurt and I give them a good massage at night. This has made a BIG difference for me. I don't know what vitamins your on but check your Manganese I found once I incresed mine the foot aches and cramping decreased. Hope this was helpful, its really hard to have a good day when your feet are hurting. Take Care

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  4. Susan07

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    Birkenstock gets my vote. I've been wearing them for several years now. I still have feet that hurt but these are the best for me to get around in. My orthotics only worked for awhile and then were too painful to wear even after they were remade. After 2 years of not being able to were my regular shoes - I finally gave them all away, it was very sad...

    I have had FM for 20 years and didn't get hit with the plantar fasciitis until 4 years ago when I was walking a lot. I am having another bout with plantar fasciitis right now and am on anti-inflammatories. Also my chiropractor is using ultrasound on my feet. I had 2 pain-free hours last week so maybe a few treatments will help.

    Good luck on your shoe search. New Balance tennis shoes are good and SAS walking shoes may work too.
  5. kredca4

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    I've had that since 91, and at first I spent a fourtune on a pair of orthonic's, that a PT made, from a mold of my feet.

    When they wore out, they want more money, so I went and got some of the Dr. Schol's insert's for my different shoes.
    Mostly light tie shoe's, tenny's are so big and bulky and hurt my back.

    I found that boot's are great, but I get the kind that Tie up the middle, and they are Western Style, they are not for walking. I wear thoes when I am going to be doing a lot of standing in one spot.

    The best shoes I have found, are at Walmart, and they are by Dr. Schol. they have the new gel heel pad's also, that make my flat's more comforable without, raising my foot to much.

    I wear soft mochian type shoes, with the full insert for around the house. I take my shoe's off and on all day and they are the easiest. No tie's.

    I have Buckling ankles and knee's also, so having Good Supportive shoes are a must for me. I can not walk without my shoes and insert;s.

    I tried to take a pair of the small gel heel insert, and glue it to a pair of soft Slipper's, lol, did work for about 1 week, then they slide right off.

    Good luck, shoes are so importan to our Whole body, not just the feet, it helps the back and the neck, along with the spine and hip.s etc. ;o)

    You might look up on your search engine, I use google, "Morton Foot" that's what it look's like, the FMS foot. I look at people's feet all the time now, lol, just to try and see if they maybe a canadate for FMS. Weird Huh????/
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  6. leecmc

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    Hi! I am new to the board. I have had FM since 1991 after back surgery.

    I have feet problems too with pain and swelling. My ankles also are weak ...they roll over and I fall quite often. I have tried many types of shoes.

    I have found that Nike or Rebok crosstainer sneakers work the best for me. I make sure that they have extra cushing or gel pads under the arch and heel. If I don't my feet feel like I am walking on giant bruises. I also try and go in the late afternoon so that my feet will be at their most swollen. I try to have on hand a couple pairs of shoes - one a half size smaller and another a half a size bigger. I hope this helps.
  7. debbiem31

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    Sorry to be so ignorant, but what is plantar fascitis???
    I have a spot in the middle of my foot that just cropped up a month ago. It makes walking painful. Is this what you all are talking about? If so, how do you get rid of it? Do you see a podiatrist?

    I also have very wide feet but narrow heels. Makes buying shoes a bitch!

    Thanks, Debbie
  8. klarry

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    Plantar fascitis is a very painful condition of the foot that originates in the heel area. When you first get up in the morning the pain is crippling, and it recurs anytime you have been sitting for a long time. I continued to have pain all the time. I had cortisone shots injected into my heel. The first time it worked like a charm, but the second shot was another thing. I do not advise shots if anyone is thinking about them.
    I was fit with orthotics, but they seemed to exacerbate my FM. Mostly I had to wear a shoe with support, but not too firm a sole. I did find that a night splint (ordered over the web) slowly gave me relief. It took a year to completely recover.
  9. MtnDews

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    Sounds like many of us have the same feet. Mine as described, plus, long and very flat. Easy Spirit shoes have been wonderful for me. They are light, supportive and come in many styles. I get "sensible" shoes now. If you read about Ehler's Danlos Syndrome, feet are mentioned in some sites and hypermobile joints -- weak ankles? It's all related in my mind.