shooting pains in my scalp???

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by sickofblah, May 31, 2003.

  1. sickofblah

    sickofblah New Member

    I am pretty sure that i have fibromyalgia and lately I have been getting shooting pains throughout my scalp. the places vary..sometimes over my eyes and other in the back of my head...but they are constant....every day. Can someone please tell him if this is a symptom that comes with FM....
  2. barny

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    i suffer with fms i too get shooting pains in head do u get pulsating in your ears sounds like your heart beat ive ,entioned yhis to my dr who dosent seemed concernerd about it but i am i also get a lot of build up of pressire in my head im going for an eye exame today please check with your dr if you go on to ask jeeves oe google and type in nervepain in head it will give u lots of ifo good luk

  3. danigirlie

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    I get splitting -feels like migrainelike- and throbbing pains on my left temple quite often. I think sugar and caffeine aggrevate it, a bit. I am not sure if it is a symptom but I got diagnosed with CFS and this has been happening to me, too.
  4. Kingskid

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    Ladies, I have FM CFC & IBC,
    Both your symptoms are from FM, I have them, very tender scalp, pain banging my temples, head, ladies it does the same ALL over the body HEAD to TOE.
    EYES, I get pinches like someone is poking me with a needle, I told them its FM & they told me its I need glases
    I will be seeing an eye doctor next mo.
    My EYE problems came with FM.
    I hear more & more of this FM & symptoms, but we with know
    lets make sure Doc. documents these
    Blessings to all
  5. Kingskid

    Kingskid New Member

    My ears ring off the wall,& are blank for a moment
    You can have face spasms.
    Jaws sore for days.
    Can't swallow
    No taste in mouth, even spicy foods have no taste
    Sorry, all these things are symptoms from FM
    Make my head so lightheaded feeling.
    FM, is a huge MESS
    Pray for a cure
  6. nlissor

    nlissor New Member

    The jaw pain and tenderness of scalp andsevere headach, sore throat are symptons of PMR and giant cell arteritis. I just saw my reumy yesterday and he gave me a pamphlet on it. He thinks I have PMR which is polymyalgia rheumatica. Hope this helps someone. Noreen
  7. Kingskid

    Kingskid New Member

    All the symptoms are also Fm,my Rhummy told me, & others have the same.
    This is why I say tell your Doc., Just to make sure for
    yourself. Every symptom should be told to doc. & He can check to be sure.
    Check on WEB MD, people get this also.