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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    As y'all know, I live down here in the jungle where we get by year round with only shorts or capri pants, sandals, and tee shirts. The old winter things I had when I lived in CO are too bulky to wear/pack to go back. Macy's was having a sale and I got a cute pair of black fleece-lined boots in case it snows while I'm there. I got them for half price. I stopped at Burlington Coat Factory and got a cute black coat for 1/3 of it's original retail price. It's a Liz Claiborne and is just a bit more stylish than a parka but just as warm and practical. I love her clothes but never get them unless they are drastically reduced. I plan to take black pants so that everything will match. I can throw in some colored shirts for variety.

    I just made my second trip to Toys R Us. They have selected toys every now and then on sale for close to half price. I already have Andy's toys for Christmas and his birthday. I have saved a bundle.

    My kids and I no longer exchange presents because we need nothing and are trying to get rid of what we have. This is a tremendous relief to know that we don't have the stress of all that shopping, wrapping, and mailing. Of course, I still send Andy things and that is a pure joy.

    I'm having a good day. The shopping went sooooo well, the Nattokinase is starting to work and I'm feeling better, and I have the trip to look forward to. Also, just wanted to give y'all a heads up about the Toys R Us sales in case anyone has kids to shop for.

    Sending my love and prayers to all of you.

    Love, Mikie
  2. jole

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    It's great that you are feeling fairly well and looking sooo forward to your trip! Those grandchildren are the most wonderful little creatures in the world, aren't they? Bet you miss not seeing him more.

    We don't exchange gifts w/adults either. During the summer we all do a weekend at the lake together, and that's our Christmas to our kids and families. Of course, we do still buy for the little gift each.

    This year I found some digital cameras for $19 at Wal-Mart, and that's what they're getting. The pictures can be put on the computer and delete the bad ones, so it's a pretty good deal. They're just snap 'n shoot cameras, but I think they will enjoy them. They're always wanting to take pics with their parents cell

    Sounds like you are finding some good bargains and planning wisely with your clothes shopping. I'll bet you'll have such fun there! Will be thinking about you! Love***Jole***
  3. Mikie

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    I bet the cameras will be a big hit. I remember when I was a kid, a rite of passage was when we got our own Brownie Kodak cameras. How times have changed. I'm planning on doing a scrapbook for Andy so he can see what it was like when I was growing up. I was around before dial phones. We just picked up the handset and told the number to the operator.

    We are planning a trip to my hometown, Boulder, where the kids also grew up. Andy can see his Mom's first school and my first school. He can also see the house where his Mom grew up and where I lived as a kid. My ex may go as well. He went last time I visited before his surgery. We had to go to CU's famous Sink burger joint and bar. It's where we all got schnocked when we went to college. It's been there forever.

    Your family reunions sound wonderful. I'm hoping I can go to CO in the summertime too. Just getting together with family is the greatest gift. I love living down here but I miss my kids. I'm lucky that my daughter can bring Andy down as often as she does.

    Love, Mikie

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