Short of breath, breathless need answers

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    I have read some posts on people wth CF & FM having problems breathing. I have read them but I'm trying to figure out what happens to some of you when you say you have breathing problems.

    I also have bad muscles spasms in my back which I believe they call it thoracic outlet, I also have the rib inflamation which I think thats the Costo thingy, have had that for years. What happens with me is sometimes I can go up and down steps two or three times no problem, then there are times like the past few days on and off during the day I can be talking to someone and feel like I ran a marathon, breathless. or go up the steps and short winded. I have had chest pains for years & years so if I had a real heart attack I wouldn't know the difference, (that what I tell the docs) been checked out by heart cath two years ago. Some blockages but 30% is the most.

    I seem to get the upper back pain with it and tightness in my chest on & off and chest pains. It hurts when I press on my chest so I fugure its the rib thingy. Does that cause the breathing problems? Can anyone realte to this? Is this what so many talk about when they say breathing problems. I can go weeks with no problems with it then just like everything else with FM it shifts to something else to take its place. I just need some answers for my sanity, also my lungs have been checked with pulmonary function test, good results. Please let me know if this sounds familiar. Thanks for your responses.


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    bumping it up hoping for more responses
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    You sound very much like me. Lately I notice that the breathing difficulty flares up right before my period. So I know there's a hormonal component. Sometimes I'm short of breathe easily, sometimes it's air hunger, like I can breathe but the air's not getting to my body. Sometimes it's like it's tight... there are several different feelings. I had a lung function test which was good,and I was having a bad day. I since have been trying to do deep breathing, using the whole lungs, and it does help. One thing which has definitely helped is diet: cutting out sugar completely and going low carb. My Dr. said adding some fats like cream cheese and ricotta help the breathing but I don't know how this works.
    I also have chest pain of various types. Have had two stress echoes and they were fine. But I'm going for a cardiac CAT scan with dye soon to get a more definitive answer. It weighs on my mind, and I don't need anything extra to worry about. I also have costcondritis. Nice to meet ya!
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    Forgot to mention I have CFIDS. Not FM, but I'm starting to wonder, with the pain I've been having lately. I too can go for long periods without much of this. But also I'm so deconditioned with this DD and It's hard to separate that from the symptoms of the DD. And I also cut out caffeine long ago.
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    Cathy, I've just been reading some interesting information involving Dr. A. Martin Lerner, M.D. He's called an "infectious specialist" whatever that is - is that the same as infectious disease specialist? He "and his colleagues in cardiology at Wayne State University and the University of Michigan have found evidence that ME/CFS may be caused by a persistent herpes virus infection of the heart......(causing) weakened function of the left side which is the side that pumps oxygen." Unquote. If you do a search on his name you should get more info.

    I'm talking to my doctor about it this coming week since, like you, I feel as if I never have enough oxygen and I have major post-exertion fatigue. I may also call Dr. Lerner's office before I see my doctor to find out more. In the article, they recommend a 24-hour EKG Holter monitor for testing. (They also mention a biopsy but I'm not liking the sound of that at this point.)

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    I wrote about this yesterday, will bump that post up for you, it starts off HELP, (or do a search using my name)June
  9. IntuneJune

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    I wrote about this yesterday, will bump that post up for you, it starts off HELP, (or do a search using my name)June
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    Two years ago after I had been given Topamax to prevent migraines and for my bipolar disorder, the shortness of breath I experienced landed me in the hospital getting a full cardiac workup. The docs felt sure it couldn't be the Topamax because less than 0.5 percent of people get shortness of breach while taking it. As soon as I stopped taking it, the shortness went away.

    I thought you needed thisinfo.
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    I am having similar problems and don't know what it is. Had a bad night last night and amongst other things have had the same probs throughout today. I am short of breath and have been for some time. Acupuncturist and others comment on it so I know I am not imagining it.Will ask the DR next time I see him but am wondering if it is allied to the muscle spasming as that is bothering me in the legs and arms today. Dr I saw recently also suggested I had asthma and would have put me on a puffer if he had been my regular Dr. Another thing to contend with???? Love Ozgran.
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    It does sound familiar! I have had the same problem. I have had it for a few days now and also have the chest that hurts to push on. That is my costochondritis. I was diagnosed with it a year or so ago when I went to urgent care thinking I was having a heart attack. As far as the breathing difficulties, I notice that I will have it for a few days and then all of a sudden, I am normal again.
    I am not saying that is your problem. You should always have testing to determine what it is. I had bronchitis last year and it produced asthma...directly as a result of it. The doctor gave me a Pulmicort inhaler. It really helped with the inflamation.
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    shortness of breath. I can't go up the stairs normally anymore, up or down I have to take one step at a time.
    I get really winded walking from the parking lot to the front door of the clinic, or the store. I have to walk really slow when I'm inside the store or else I huff and gasp and people stare at me. Sometimes I have to stop and rest and catch my breath. I think I have emphysema.
    I've had pneumonia 3 times in 2 years. I think I got it from that. I just talked myself into going to the lung doctor, LOL.