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    I read from this board all the are all so helpful to each other...and I too have Fibro...but this question has to do with something else....I had gotten the flu mid december...chills, fever, sore throat...whole nine yards...started taking better in a few days...then got sick again...same thing...this time went to Dr...he put me on a little better...but..then got shortness of breath...and started sore throat again...went back..put me on nasel spray..and a inhaler...two days later...chills fever...cough...and shortness of breath...big time....worse...whent to another dr....he put me on a Zpac...antibio..and steroids for inflamation...but now 5 days later...still shortness of breath...and sore throat is comming back...Iam going nuts here...but a thought came to me...could these making me have acid reflux...and this is what is causing the shortness of breath????anyone got acid reflux...because its just feels down deep in my stomach and then the tightness in my cough is not that bad..and they took xrays...I don't know what to make of this...I do smoke...but non of this started until after I started taking all the!!!
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    doesn't cause shortness of breath, but some meds do, and it sounds to me like the ones you are taking are causing some side affects, including maybe anxiety, which leads to "thinking" you're getting short of breath?

    Marilyn :)
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    Sounds like you are really going through it!Sorry!My experience is that when I have taken antibiotics without replacing my intestinal bacteria I can and do get heartburn,indigestion,bloating,gas and reflux.I felt as if I had a basketball at the bottom of my throat and my sternum was very tight,difficult to breath.As if my diaphram was very compresed.This was due to gas and bloating.Some medications can and do cause indigestion,reflux as well as other symptoms.I wonder if your x-rays showed any type of lung infection.I would check into it right away.Well,I am sure others here will give you there experiences which will be very helpful.

    Many here including myself swear by olive leaf extract,grapefruit seed extract,colloidal silver and other preparations for the immune system,fungus(candida)and bacteria.Others here have had success with soil based organism,jarrodophilus,and other things.

    I hope your Dr.can come up with something.Good luck!
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    ~~~~If you have the Flu, Get a Blanket & a good Book, and curl up on the couch with a tall glass of water, and Relax. Influenza is a VIRUS and antibiotics can't touch it(unless you have a secondary infection). Steroids aren't a good idea unless really called for. I think maybe you are either having a reaction to all those med's, or you are just stressed out from being sick and being WORRIED about it. Stop going to the DR.s, unless you Really need them- The Flu needs TIME and REST. The Shortness of Breath may even be an Anxiety Attack. They are not fun. If I were you, I would simply take it easy, drink lots of clear fluids, rest and sleep, and keep bundled up. You just have to ride it through. If you have questions, go ahead and call your Dr, but if your X-Rays were clear, antibiotics or steroids probably won't do you any good. The FLU is a VIRUS and Your own Immune System must fight it off. So eat well and take good suppliments, & extra C.
    God Bless you, I'll be thinking about you, and keep you in my prayers...keep us posted as to how you are, OK?
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    It started with increased fatigue, headache, stiffneck, sore throat, swollen glads, coughing, down into my chest, and running a fever. They put me on a Zpack first and a cough syrup. I finished the Z pack, within two days started getting sick again (sore throat), put me on a different antibiotic and an inhaler and another cough syrup. They took a chest xray and I did have pneumonia and the flu. Even though I had a flu shot there are different types of flu going around. My doctor told me it would take at least two to three weeks to get over it, and add extra time because of the Fibromyalgia. I was "very" short of breath and they felt I also had some asthma along with it. I have heard of several people who had the same thing and there's also went into asthma. But, to be safe, you should go back to or at least call your doctor so he realizes just how short of breath you are.