short term disability at work

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    Has anyone taken disability at work? My legs are so painful, that sometimes I think I can't walk another step.I think about disability, but wouldn't have the slightest idea how to go about it. I don't call in sick, so everyone would be surprised if I just said I had to go out on disability. How do you go about starting that process with your work? I take ultram for pain but it seems like it's working less and less lately. When I went grocery shopping yesterday on my day off, I would have sat in one of those electric wheelchairs if there was one available. Any suggestions on getting something like that started with your employer? Thanks-----cb
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    I'd like to know about this also.
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    Thank you ((((((((())))))))) hugs! cb
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    In my case I fell ill on vacation. On my first day back I left during my shift and told my supervisor Im going to the doctor's. I took a taxi straight to the doctor's office. I needed help from a colleague who helped me into the cab. This was in Sept 2000 then they asked me to come back in Dec. 2000 as a tryout. I went in 2 hrs on Mon, Wed & Fri. I wasn't able to even do 6 hours in a week. So I took short-term disability for 6 months, then applied for long-term which I was denied. Got a lawyer and only received 1 year's worth of wages. If I would have fought longer I would have received more. It took 1 year of fighting with the dingalings to get 1 year of pay. This was 4 years ago and Im still unable to work full-time. So the company and the insurance company are laughing all the way to the bank.
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    I wonder why people think that their work owes them wages if they don't work?

    People have the option of purchasing disability insurance.

    Employers will be fewer and fewer if they are "forced" in some way to pay for people who aren't working. Or, they will just lump more work on those who work. Is this fair?

    I guess I just don't get a post where people are plotting to get disability.
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    Manager or your Employee Assistance Representative for available assistance. If your employer does not have
    disbablity insurance you may be able to file for FMLA
    (Family Medical Leave Act--you can get info on this from the internet.

    Also check with your there may be additional medication that you can take to help with the pain.
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    What is fair is all a matter of opinion. Is it fair that some people are born good looking, rich, healthy? Is it fair that our two biggest car companies are losing money yet pay their CEO 5-10 million per year? Is it fair that some of us who worked a lifetime can't afford medication and our politicains get free medical care?

    Cbella, in addition to other suggestions, talk to a Workers' Compensation attnorney. (No charge) If your work activities caused or CONTRIBUTED TO you disibility, you may be entitled to medical treatment and partial lost earnings. The laws vary from state to state.
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    I ended up quitting work at Walmart due to leg pain. Felt like I was on fire and my legs felt bound up and I just couldnt keep walking by my second hour of work I thought I cant even walk to my break I had to sit on the customers bench. I was working in womens wear, I hurt all over but having to be on my feet so much they took the blunt end of it.
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    Your story sounds just like mine. I still continue to go to work but I'm not sure how much longer I can keeping working full time. I even called an attorney today for advice on filing for disability. I have short term and long term disability insurance and guess I'll keep going until I can't go any more and then take it up with my doctors. I think that is the key to disability -- have good support from your doctors. I don't have that right now but I'm changing to a new Rheumy soon. Take care,