Short Term Memory-what? I don't have one of those, LOL

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    Ok back in the days before FM, I was a sales rep for 30 factories with multiple lines...and I was one of the top sales force, I could switch up and sell like a monkey eating bananas. hehe...Very high energy job-I loved my job -great products (also I have ADD and lupus) lots of variety and lots of stress and was a single parent of 2. (they re grown now)
    I was dx w FM abt 5 yrs ago, got custody of 3 gkids, the stress of courtbattle of 2 yrs and 1 special needs gkid that was soo messed up from foster care- shes better now, so have had gkids for 7 years...I can never work in sales again and do not think I can work at all, I can not multitask at all if I am cooking I have to stay in the kitchen so I don't forget what I am cooking. I gave up trying to get SS, since I am not disabled according to them . I am on generic celexa and alprazolam- which has taken almost all the pain away, I have some down days- but I don't spend most of my days laying down anymore- I was so sick for 3 years I made a will, but the medicine made a HUGE difference. I miss my previous abilities tho, and many times I just feel stupid-I hate fibrofog- I was on all kinds of meds for the fm- but now I don't need to take anything stronger that motrin usually

    For anyone who has lost hope- try the celexa alprazolam - since my brain seems to not make enuff serotonin- this has sooo helped me, maybe it will help you too

    I don't work and my man takes care of me and the gkids- which was hard to accept but it gave me the life to take care of gkids and save them from a possible terrible life in fostercare, as they are with family and each other.

    Blessed Be.

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    When my brother was little his nickname was Tigger as in
    Winnie the Pooh. Now that's he grown up we call him

    Glad to hear you found a med that helps. I had fibro fog for
    about 25 years. Now making a graceful transition to Alzheimer's.

    Wonderful that you were able to rescue your grandchildren.
    I hope you all have happy holidays.


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