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    Hi i am new to this but here it goes. Sept i had sex on 2,3,4 and on the 23. Then got my period on the 26 like normal but my period was only 2 days long and i only went through 7 pads and that was it. But the week before i got my period my lower back was killing me. I dont use condoms because it is my husband n about 2years ago we lost our 1st child. I have been real moody and this sat i had pain in my stomach but no blood my stomach was just hurting. My mom Thinks that i am pregnant. I am 24 oh and my hair has been growing faster n so has my nails. ....what do you all think ?
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    Hair and nails do grow longer in the summer and here's the article on that

    When I was pregnant, my stomach was not hurting but later on I had morning sickness. You can try an at-home pregnancy test, or see an OB/GYN to tell you whether you are pregnant or if there could be a problem with your hormones causing problems with your period, a cyst, etc. Good luck.