shortness of breath???

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  1. meeee74

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    My shortness of breath is getting more annoying lately. Anyone have this problem?? Any ideas on what I can do about it? Some say it's the fibro, others say it's the anxiety/depression. Who knows... just hope it's nothing more serious... Today I actually had a harder than usual time getting a breath, but it resolved after only three breaths. Right now it's hard to breath but not like that moment. I have mild asthma, but when it acted up in the past I only had chronic cough. Don't know what to do about it. Thanks for any ideas...

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    I would suggest you see a respitatory dr. I have copd and exprience shortness of breath. I am really tried at the moment but if I can help in any way I will be glad to. I wish I felt better to add more. Take care, Love Brenda
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    I have noticed this a lot lately myself.

    I have also been more constipated lately. More than usuall.

    I really notice it, right after I eat. I either have shortness of breath, or my stomach hurts on 1 side or the other, when I try to take a deep breath.

    I have noticed, I feel a lot better right after I go #2.

    Has anyone else noticed this??

    I feel like if I could just get a good 'cleaning out', I would be all better...

    Just my thought.

  4. PVLady

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    I am also short of breath sometimes - it may be asthma and shallow breathing.

    Since you have asthma, maybe you should start using your inhaler no matter what. My doctor explained you should use the inhaler even if you don't think you have symptoms.

    If you have asthma, you always have it.

  5. Catseye

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    Three years ago I went to the ER 3 times in 6 weeks thinking I was dying, my biggest complaints were shortness of breath and heart beating funny. Well, I was nowhere near close to dying, they said each time, and gave me the "see a psychiatrist" routine.

    I just found this article a few months ago and it explained why I would be breathing normally and feel like I'm drowning, just not getting enough air. It has to do with the ventricles not being able to pump properly because of a low blood volume and this in turn affecting oxygen transport.

    So all I had to do was drink some electrolyte solution a couple times a day and up my magnesium intake a bit. Here's the article:

    Here's the end summary of what to do, the article will go into detail about why:


    The simplest way to increase effective cardiac output is to put your feet up. Raising your feet, even when you are sitting up, is the equivalent of increasing output by 3 liters per minute.

    If you have to stand up, step slowly backwards and forwards. The action of the leg muscles will help to keep the blood moving, and it is also the equivalent of increasing cardiac output by 3 liters per minute.

    Increasing pre-load. A very important factor in cardiac output is pre-load, which is the amount of blood that enters the left ventricle to be pumped out to the body. Pre-load is highly dependent on the amount of blood returning to the heart through the veins, so it is also dependent on blood volume.

    One way to increase blood volume is to drink Gookinaid ( Or you can drink Dr. Cheney’s home-made equivalent that doesn’t contain the sugar in Gookinaid. (1 cup spring water or filtered water, 1/8 teaspoon sea salt, and 1/8 teaspoon of “No Salt” salt substitute containing potassium. Add lime juice, an herbal tea bag, or stevia for taste.) Dr. Cheney recommends four to eight glasses of Gookinaid or the home-brew every day.

    For patients with low blood pressure, Dr. Cheney recommends 1 to 2 teaspoons of licorice root extract every other day. Only the type with glycorrhizin is effective for this purpose.

    To augment pre-load, lie down. This is equivalent to increasing cardiac output by 2 liters per minute in most CFIDS patients. However, some CFIDS patients feel worse when they lie down. For reasons not addressed in the video, lying down apparently decreases pre-load in these patients.

    Reducing After-Load. After-load is the resistance the blood encounters in the circulatory system, and it is important to reduce after-load. Dr. Cheney recommends magnesium, which relaxes and opens up blood vessels. For oral magnesium, take magnesium glycinate capsules. Dr. Cheney also recommends injected magnesium."

    So if the doctor can't find anything wrong, this may help.

    After I did the breathing exercise (see below), started drinking Electrolyte Stamina and included a high quality mineral supplement, I had no more funny heartbeats or shortness of breath.

    Breathing exercise from article:

    "There is a breath-holding exercise that can increase 2,3 DPG levels: Inhale through your nose for four seconds. Hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale through tightly pursed lips for eight seconds, creating back-pressure. You should be able to hear the air being forced out of your mouth. Do this eight times in a row, twice a day. If you feel light-headed, just do it six times, or until you begin to feel light-headed, and then build up to eight times."

    good luck!

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    i have learned myself that my shortness of breath and heart palps are caused by chronic myofascail pain i would feel like my back gets really tight i started to do trigger point therapy to release it so if it starts i massage the area this keeps it under control you can buy a book online if you dont have one charlene
  7. meeee74

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    Oh boy... so many ideas, so much advice. Where to begin??? I made an appt for tomorrow to get my inhalers refilled. Will try and see if this will help. Also made an appt with a pulmonary specialist later this month (wish it wasn't so hard to see a specialist...). I'm praying to God it's not my heart, esp since the cardiologists (2 diferent ones) said all is well with it. Maybe the low blood volume idea may be one to look into as well.

    Thanks again for all your help. :)
  8. charlenef

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    have you had breathing problems since childhood? if not i know hayleycole was using an inhaler and found out on her own that it was cmp just a thought charlene
  9. meeee74

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    can I just send her a message on the board about this?? so the inhalers did not work so it must have been cmp???

    I was dx with mild asthma about 6 yrs ago... chronic cough was the only symptom.

  10. charlenef

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    she left the board but i can email her and ask her if you would like let me know what questions you need me to ask one more thing i had a dry cough for a long time it was my sinnuses even though it didnt seem like it to me now i use flonase and no longer have that problem charlene
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