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    I have been having short-ness of breath for a year or more.. Sometimes if i get up and go too the bathroom which is 6 ft away and no stairs, i will have too take deep breaths too get my air back.. this dont happen all the time.. but if i do something that requires lifting something heavy... i will need too sit down after...
    My DR. says i am out of shape... no kidding... but my 94 yr old mother-in -law dont have shortness of breath, but she is probably more active then i am... i have a feeling its what Fibro is doing too me, i also notice i sweat very easy when doing some things around the house.., i can wring my shirt out after.

    I washed the car, and when i got done i was beat, had too rest.,and that night before bed , i still had that terrible wore out feeling, 10 hrs later..

    just wondering if anybody has the short-ness of breath and do u sweat really easy..
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    Once in a while, I have trouble with getting enough oxygen when walking briskly when I am at my daughter's. I live in a desert, where it is dry, and when I got to another area where it is quite humid, it seems to affect me. I have experienced it at home too but it is usually related to heavy pollens in the air. Mine isn't always caused by exertion. If yours is, it might be wise to have heart problems ruled out. I do think fibro can affect us in many ways and this may be one of them for some of us. I also sweat a lot when exerting myself. Summertime is very trying for me also.

    My mother is 90 and does better than me in many ways! :)
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    I'm so glad you started this thread. I just came here to ask about shortness of breath myself. I get short of breath and light headed doing nothing. As I sit at my computer, I feel I need to fight for air. It's almost like I've forgotten to breathe.

    And I do find myself sweating often. My partner and I are always "discussing" how warm it is in our den. I always thought it was hot flashes, but now I'm not so sure.

    I'll be eager to read what others say about this one of "millions" of symptoms of fibromyalgia.
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    I have had many tests done over the years, but probably should have my heart checked again , its been awhile , i did do a stress test and it didnt turn out that good, i have problems walking, so i was happy it didnt last long.You walk on a treadmill until your heart rate gets too 144 bpm.. i did this in 3.5 mins which i thought was good, but it was the reverse, not good, she said for my age, it should have took 20 mins..

    i just had a chest xray and my lungs are clear..

    I really think the shortness of breath part of having Fibromyalgia, just walking feels like i am walking up hill, and i cant stand or walk that far. maybe 10 mins..

    I think it as if you let all the air out of your car tires and then try and drive it up a steep hill.. The motor would really be working too move the car..and the water temp would rise and maybe overheat.

    this is how i think of what happens when i do something that requires alot of energy, because i have so much fatigue.

    Dysautonomia is something i never heard of, thanks for the info, i do believe Fibro effects the nervous system also. But i think i need to have more tests regarding my heart.

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