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    I have a problem of being so short of breath. I have to stop and take a deep breath when talking to some one. Told my present doctor about it today + got a blank look as I had a work up for that problem a few years ago with no answer + it has gotten progressively worse.Also when I bend over it seems to shut my air off. At times I start yawning and can`t seem to stop which have been told it is a lack of oxygen. The Dr. said he would think about it + maybe have me see another pulmonary specialist As I don`t see him for another month I don`t feel that was an acceptable answer.Anyone have any input on this problem or share this type of problem?
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    Check out my post called Orthostatic Intolerance~NMH/POTS. I'm not sure what page it's on now, but you can click on my name to find it. I had problems with shortness of breath before I was dx'd with this. I hope it helps.

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    Sorry you have this too. I just came out of a 'mini' flare (as I call on that only last a few days), and have been having the same problem with the breathing. I simply hate that more than the miserable pain.

    It seems like you can't get the air all the way down into the lungs, let me know if you find something that helps with this.

    For a few days I though I was getting bronchitis, but so far its nots that.

    Hope we are both feeling better soon, and everyone else that has this feeling.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I am so sorry to hear you guys are suffering from this. I have had the fibro for a really long a kid I would get short of I played basketball. The coach always had me breathing in a paper bag!

    Over the years..and maybe this is just unique to me and my strange body!..I do the following at the first sign of shortness of breath.

    I put ice on my back .. usually almost between the shoulder blades.

    I also take a half a valium..I use this as a muscle relaxer.

    I concentrate on breathing from my abdomin.

    This has never let me down and usually within an hour I am good to go again.

    For me, my muscle tension gets so tight that the back muscles where it originates start pulling around into the chest muscles. I do not even realize it. Then I know I must start breathing shallowly and whammo..I feel like I cannot get any air at all.

    The main thing is not to fight it with a lot of gasping for breath..or at least thats what I think. It just tightens your muscles up even more and you are throwing the whole breathing thing outta kelter.

    Like I say..I fought this for a lot of years before I found something that gives me relief in relatively good time. Alot of times if I just throw ice on and start breathing from the abdomin..I can head off a really big struggle with it and not have to take anything to relax my muscles.

    Just as an after the lung a muscle? If so..I am sure it is just as likely to get a tightness like the rest of our muscles..what do you think?

    Blessings to you all and I hope you find relief and soon. ...Sherry
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    I do something like you suggested, I will take a 'pinch' of Xamax (not much different than the Valium), do the deep breathing (Marilyn taught me this and Mikie printed it out on how to breath in through the nose for seven seconds, then out through the mouth like whistlings for four seconds), and it does help.

    I will also take a teaspoon of powdered magnesium citrate too, it seems to work well this way, but I just so hate that feeling!

    I also keep a paper bag in the drawer by the bed just in case it happens during the night. That also helps.

    I never had this probelm before the FM, so when it first started it was very scary. Having bronchitis, I always think thats what I am getting, but most of the time thats not the problem. I guess its related to anxiety, but I am not anxious when the darm feeling starts.

    Will print out what you said too, will try anything for this. I also have access to a few Valium if necessary!

    Thanks lady, every little bit of information helps.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    to me especially after being exposed to certain man-made chemicals and fragrances. Sometimes it doesn't happen immediately after being exposed which is strange, but sometimes it does.

    My last relapse I has this terrible shallow breathing and faintness and such weakness I felt like my respiratory muscles were too weak to move - this was after a pesticide exposure in a motel room I think. I'm still trying to recover. It feels like the air I'm trying to breathe in has no substance to it, if that makes any sense, like the air is going through me and escaping instead of going IN my body (so weird). Feels impossible to get the air down into my lower abdomen.

    ALso, when I eat too many carbs I get this but I don't understand why. I'm a heavy protein eater because of this. I could never go without a lot of protein in my diet like chicken and other meats. Anyone know why carbs make me feel this way? I always feel better after breathing into a paper bag and also breathing in thru the nose and out thru the mouth like others have mentioned.
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    Someone mentioned breathing exercises with the intake of four counts, holding for seven, releasing for eight and repeating.

    This comes from Dr. Andrew Weil and is just ONE part of a guided breathing CD called Breathing, The Master Key to Self Healing. THis is incredibly effective. I have had the shortness of breath and inability to take a full breath for several years. Some doctor even wrote up that I had some sort of lung dysfunction.

    After working through this CD twice, the muscles in my ribs and my diaphram loosened up, and I can take deep breaths with no problem and the shortness of breath I was experiencing has mostly disappeared. It is a wonderful feeling to take a deep breath!

    You can order it at