Shots in spasming muscles.....yyyeeeeeewwwww!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 2aycocks, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. 2aycocks

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    I have Lupus and also have really bad muscle pains in my neck, shoulders, upper back. I asked my Doc at last appt. if it was fibro.....he said probably. I guess that is a dianosis.....first doc called it myofascial pain.
    anyway, this doc has said when I am having the pain very badly, he could put shots into those muscles and it would relieve it alot. Have any of you ever had that? Is it bad? I'm a weenie!
  2. Jen F

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    I know people on this board have. I may need them, so I read the posts. Seemed some people didnt' have good results and others did.

    You'll probably get some responses and/or you could do a search cause iirc this was brought up recently.

    Sorry about your diagnosis. Sounds like you have a full life. Hope you are able to enjoy it!

  3. mrsbaja

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    I've been diagnosed with FMS and from all the information that I've read, it is also called Myofacial Pain. I recently starting seeing a pain management doctor. I've only been 2 times for treatment so far...he injects Lidocaine into the most painful pressure point of the muscle. I had instant relief from pain but receiving the shots themselves was horribly painful. (Thank god my mom went with me!)So far I've had 12 injections in my neck and upper shoulder area and 12 injections in my left leg. Unfortunately it didn't seem like it lasted a whole day because my stress level has been through the roof so I've been in a major flare up. My regular doctor just put me on the Medrol Pak. I've already taken three days and my pain level is almost 0. I don't know if it's the shots or the steroids at this point. I only have two more days left of steroids and I will no better then. Well hope this helps you somewhat.

    Take care and god bless!
  4. smoke

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    I have had injections from my DO Dr. that really helped in the muscles that he injected. My DO has given me up to 3 at one time in different muscles. These are for muscle spasms and they really help. I have also been to a Pain Clinic like mrsbaja has been to and I did not get any relief from them. I cannot remember what the shots were!! They gave the injections in my neck and the injections did hurt some, not terrible, they did not seem to help me any except the first one I felt some what better for half a day maybe. I have tried most everything that they say might help and some helps a little and some alot!
  5. gold2k

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    There are 2 kinds: prolotherapy: they are painful; and lydocaine: they are not that bad.

    I had lydocaine. It only worked for a couple hours.
  6. garyandkim

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    at first they only lasted a couple weeks then after a year it helps me trumendously. Even a dry needle can help a spasumming muscle like in accupuncture but, the doc uses the needle and can also just use like lidocane. Also, we have turned a lot of people and our Pharmasist to. Blue Emu it's called super strength Blue Emu Pharmaceutical grade by Johnson's Emu oil. It has softened many of our muscles and even helps with the pain some. I have been getting them for 3 years now. For your neck our FMS doc is now using Botox. I have talked to some that have had it there and they say it has helped but, one said not. When you get the shots make sure you totally relax the muscles as much as you can. Less pain, I hardly feel most of mine.

    Good luck. Kim