Should I be dreading my rheumy appt?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by horsegal, Jun 11, 2003.

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    I have to drive almost 2 hrs. to see him and I come out feeling like it was a waste of time. This time I'm going to point blank say I need adequate pain relief. He always says no to that. He sent me to a pain clinic and the pain dr. there said no way for narcotics for fibro. My PCP is the one who gave me some tylenol 4. She wants me to continue to see the rheumy as she thinks he will know something new sooner. HA HA! If he isn't helpful today, I'm looking for a new one. Anyone else get good help from their rheumy? Or, am I just wasting my time, energy, and money?

    I have been doing so much better since I've got the tylenol 4, but I would like something time-released or be able to take 4 of those a day. Oh well.
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    My rheumy gives me adequate pain relief. She has given me strong meds and actually gets upset if I don't take them, and then complains of pain. I try to take as little as possible, but I do know she cares and will help me. I think it's wrong to make a blanket statement that all rheumys are no good. You need to seek one out who will help you.

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    Is your rheumy one who handles lots of fibro patients? If not, this could be the reason he's not giving you pain meds. Also, it could just be his attitude towards pain meds ... I saw one doctor who refused to suggest anything but exercise (which I could not do); another doc in the same office has been more understanding & helpful.

    If your doctor is in a group practice, and there's another one who sees fibro patients, you may want to try to see him instead.

    Jan ^v^
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I got home last night and posted..Madwolf right about rheumey's. It wasn't a good meeting. I'm not going back. I'm going to look at a city closer to my home as I started going to him right B-4 I moved to my "now" home of 2 yrs (July). I try to do the right a Dr. a chance to see that I am for real, hoping he will see how hard I am willing to work, telling the truth, getting meds in just one place etc....I am frustrated by my treatment. Anyway, just a bummer trip and today I hurt all over, I guess from my drive, waiting, and the lack of cooperation....and I can't take pain meds. as I have to make them last! Which I can do and make it, but my question is "Why? Why should I have to suffer?" Madwolf said to look at state's intractable pain laws. I tried to B-4 I went yesterday, but ran out of time. I can get to a site, but I had trouble actually finding the info. I'm off to the search today to see what I can find.
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    Might be of interest to you also reading never hurt anyone and sometimes offers things that may not have been thought of. I participate in a program that, thank god... works for me. It doesn't work for everyone and if you're diabetic it's not the answer at all. Do a google search on Microdose therapy, I only hope it works for you as it has for me. They can advise if any doctors in your area participate or they can set up for your primary care physician to be the one to overlook your program
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    Please check my post, try what I am trying,I am not selling anything I bought my products at Osco. I am 38 and my life has been not a life for too long now.Thre years ago I had a neck injury that caused me to get fibromyalgia. I do not know if this products will work for you since you don'have traumatic fibromyalgia but then they could, who knows? I would give it a shot, is not very expensive and there are no side effects. I have my life back and I am glad. Good luck,

    Hugh :)

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    It sounds like you need to keep your PCP, so you need to find a rheumy that understands fibro.
    In my state, only one physician may prescribe narcotics. If you find an understanding rheumy, hopefully that would be your prescribing physician.
    I wanted to be on guai therapy, because I read the book and wanted to REVERSE the DD, and get back on my horses. So I went phone shopping, and asked the receptionists if the doctor would treat me with this protocol.
    What I found out doing this was that I could learn quite a lot about a physician before an appointment. The first one agreed to an appointment, if we didn't get along, he would tear up the bill sheet. He hadn't heard of guai, and wanted to treat me his way and research the guai for a month while we tried his best way of treating things. (This included sleep meds and pain control. It worked for two weeks.)I eventually had to get a new rheumy-and kept him.
    My point is, call around. Ask receptionists how many fibro patients the rheumy has, and if the doc is succesful making them comfortable and productive. Do NOT directly ask about pain meds, they'll say oh no, another drug seeker! You should get a good feeling about the place by talking to the receptionist. Also talk to the nurse if you like. Ask if you can interview the doc. Tell him you don't want to be given prozac, a referral to a psyciatrist, and sent home, you want to get out and be as productive as possible.

    Get on the internet, and on the phone, and find as many possibilities as you can. There are a LOT of us here on the board who have GOOD fibro doctors who truly understand what is going on, and believe us when we say we HURT. Sometimes it just takes a really big effort to find the care we need.
    Good luck to you,
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    Get the book "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia" by Dr. St. Amand. My daughter did the guai protocol and it changed her life around - still has minor pain and fatigue. I sent the info to her rheumy and he stated "I gave her relief" - yeah, a shot which made her feel better for a few days but she still had the IBS and was flat on her back when weather changes came through - since the guia she has no more stomach problems,weather does not bother her and she works 8-hour days at a daycare center and works out at the gym a couple days a week. Go yo for some good info. Good luck!!!