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    My doc just perscribed depekote 125mgs for anxiety and racing brain. We have tried almost every anti-dep and they increase my anxiety. I dont want to live popping benzos all the time. She hopes to increase it to 250mg.

    Ive been reading about depakote, and Im a bit scared off by it. Should I be at such a low dose? Anyone have luck with it (I am not bi polar or have seizures). I did check and depakote is used to treat anxiety and panic.

    We also discussed adding trazadone for sleep. Its a vicious circle for me...anxious, cant sleep...cant sleep anxious.

    I just need to stop my brain from ruminating and searching for answers as to "why" I feel this way.

    What does everyone think? I value your opinions.

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    Yvette, I took depakote a few years ago in combination with a couple of other drugs for treatment of bipolar and self abuse. I didn't react well to the medication. My hair started to fall out, I heard strange things, and I started clentching my teeth all the time, which is something I still do to this day. But I also know someone who took depakote for a long time and never had any reaction to it. It just depends on how your body reacts to it. It's different for everyone. I took trazadone several years ago and never had any bad reactions to it, and it also helped me sleep a little better. I hope you and your doctor can figure out something that works for you. Good luck!
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    The reason I stopped the Depakote is that it made me very shakey. It had me worried, so I stopped it. I'm not sure it helped me anyway. I was taking it to control headaches. You might try some natural remedies for sleep to see if they help. Valerian works well.
  4. yvette01826

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    i have tried homeopathy, natural herbs, supplements, you name it for anxiety. I have had generalized anxiety all my life. Unfortuately, fms has worsened it 10 fold.

    To function and sleep, I do beleive i need meds. I m hoping such a low dosage will forego any major side effects.

    thanks guys

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    ANNXYZ New Member

    Trazadone is pretty gentle and great for sleep and anxiety and does not usually cause the "I feel drugged "
    and sleepy the following day. The anxiety is a nightmare but YOU WILL get relief and be better! It will help w/ both problems.
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    Hello Yvette,

    I have taken 1000 mgs per day of Depakote for about eight years now with no discernible side effects. My psychiatrist who is treating me for bipolar illness keeps a close watch on the therapeutic level with blood and liver function tests. Some people have reported weight gain with Depakote but I did not experience that.