Should I buy a lightbox?

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    We finally got results back from our son's sleep study (in March) and the doc said his sleep was pretty normal, in terms of stage 4 sleep. What is not normal is what we already know, that it takes him about 30 minutes upon waking to really "wake up." He can't talk, hear or respond for that amount of time. He walks with what the doc called "sleep drunkenness" - he's so wobbly that someone usually guides him to his breakfast and so forth. The doc did suggest light therapy. He said his circadian rhythms are not allowing him to wake up when he is up, so light therapy should help. What do you think? Could I just put it at the table while he's eating and make sure he gets 30 minutes worth of light? Thanks for listening... Terri
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    Many studies have proven the clinical effectiveness of light box therapy, with particularly with regards to SAD/depression.

    I don't know what part of Alaska you live in, but I have been to Bethel in the summertime and enjoyed the 16 hours of sunshine.

    Winter would have been another story for me - I would have definitely needed one.

    It probably will help. Seems like such a simple thing doesn't it? I bet it will help him.

    My oldest daughter is a slow waker-upper. What helps her is if she gets up about 45 min before she has to do anything - she cuddles up on the couch and watches the morning news with me, and that way I know that she is "coming up" and will be ready to "get ready" by the time I get out of the shower.

    Madame Curie
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    I bought a box this past fall thru the internet, its a high quality, maximum wattage to use. I have cfs, with a touch of seasonal affective I can only relate to my use. I found it an incredible light source and very theraputic, I would imagine with the diagnosed need of your son, it would be worth the get a good box, the price reflects it. I paid 500.00, but what is the cost of good health in return? best wishes
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    dnfnc?? (can never get your username right, oops)

    Mine is a desklamp, and even has a dimmer switch, its called a BlueMax from Full Spectrum Solutions. I ordered it online from a company in Michigan, Canadian ones wre really expensive. To the person who paid $500, I'd say you paid waaaay to much. I paid around $200 w/ shipping and currency exchg. incl. Mine has the fullest colour spectrum and is the brightest you can buy, I did lots of online research to find it.

    It has given me amazing results w/ SAD and other things liek afternoon fatigue. I love the portability of a lamp too, I don't have to broadcast that I'm doing light therapy unless i choose. They offer them as a discreet alternative for at the office, most people would be embarrassed to bring in a big lightbox. Lightboxes are much more expensive and don't double as tasklights either. This one does because it has a dimmer.

    To the person who thought it was about flickering light. NO, not at all, taht could bring on seizures in some people. it would give me wicked headaches. W/ light therapy, you set it above you to match the angle that the sun would be hitting your eyes and you go about your business and glance at it once in awhile.

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    From the sounds of your son's particular problem, I think a dawn simulator might be best. Its a type of light therapy too, using full spectrum light at less intensity.

    It works like an alarm clock. You set it to the wake up time you want, and it slowly lights up, simuluating how the sun works at dawn. Northern people who have to drive to work in the dark in winter use them, and people who have a really hard time getting up in the morning.

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    I got mine at Costco reg price $139 but I ended up finding one marked down to $75. I think its definately worth a try - I love mine. The golites can be bought online thru Apollo but are much cheaper thru Costcos site & you only pay 5% more for not being a member - still cheaper than Apollo site. AMY
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    Though I bought my lightlamp from Full Spectrum Solution, because it had better features and was cheaper, the Apollo site has much better info and articles. You can learn so much by accessing the Apollo site, incl. the best times and how long to use light therapy for your needs and to match your own circadian rhythms. It also warns about side effects and what they mean.

    Light therapy works on your glands and actually affects the neurotransitter serotonin and the hormone melatonin. The affect on melatonin is how I suppress daytime exhaustion and hwo it helps to reset my circadian rhythm so I'm sleepy at a more appropriate time. Light therapy for a short time will shut off melatonin and wake you up. If used a longer time, it boosts your serotonin.

    Some people need serotonin boost, I don't. I get serotonin syndrome really easy and am virtually allergic to SSRI a.d.'s for that reason. If I use my light lamp too long, I get so sleepy I feel drugged, like a tranquilizer. Its a rarer side affect to too much serotonin. A more usual side affect to too much light therapy and corresponding serotonin boost is to get jittery and possible headaches, which I don't get, at all. I learned all this on the Apollo site, and much more.

    It only takes 20 mins to wake me up in the morning. My first dose is w/in first hour I get up. My second dose is anywhere between 3:00-7:00 and in the winter I might do 2 afternoon doses for only 10 mins, just enough to revive me again, but not long enough to drug me. If I get lots of sun in the aft., I can skip the aft. dose.I've found I still need my light therapy, even at this time of year.

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    I knew I would get some info from you...and good suggestions about where to find one. Costco sounds good, although I was looking at the Apollo one Jeanne mentioned. I like to find a bargain! I'll let you know how it goes.... Terri