Should I fight SS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by roseylisa, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. roseylisa

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    Hello I am fairly new at posting. But have followed along with your post for awhile. I have fibro, severe depression,two herniated disc,arthritis. I have been turned down from social security twice and am thinking about getting a lawyer. SS does admit that I cannot do any job requiring lifting or work with high detailed instruction or intense enounters with the general public but that I can do clerk typist and sit most of the day well my doctor that I went to about my back says no work requiring excess sitting walking stooping./ So my question is do I get a lawyer and request a hearing Im 40 how much of a chance has any of you in your 40s had at getting ss? Roseylisa
  2. NifferA

    NifferA New Member

    If you truly believe you cannot work, then I would get an attorney and appeal. I am 43, and I was just approved. I have FMS, CFS, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Anxiety, Depression,Heart Valve Regurgitation. I worked through the pain for as long as I could, but I eventually had to stop for my health.
  3. Sue50

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    all the way to a Judge if you have to.
  4. pookiebyrd

    pookiebyrd New Member

    I would recommend that you get a lawyer and appeal. I am also 41 and it took me 5 years and 2 denials to finally be approved, and the Doctor that reviewed my case for the hearing had made up his mind that I was disabled before we even got to the hearing. It will be very helpful to you if your physician has kept good records and documented all of your symptoms, medications and inability to perform tasks...... Good luck and keep on fighting for what we all deserve......

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