Should I file for disability ?

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    I am a 41 year old male with Fibromyalgia and have all the symptoms, ranging from mild to severe. I was diagnosed about three years ago and have continued to make myself work even with all the pain and other things. My diagnosis was by a specialist but i've been treated (mostly unsuccessfully) by my family doctor. Last week I lost my job at a major chemical factory due to budget cuts. My family and friends are trying to convince me now is the time to file for disability. I'm just not sure the "system" would consider my FMS serious enough since I have continued to work. My main problems right now are: a constant headache, forgetfulnness, loss of memory, body pains, and irratable bowels. Please give me some advice on when you think the time is right to admit I shouldn't be working and start the long process of trying to get disability.
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    Only you can decide, its not pleasant but when you get ready contact Scott E Davis Attorney at Law, Phoenix, Az. just type his name into a search engine.I see your post fits the FMS stuff.What has helped me with sleep,fatiuge and memory. 2 hrs before bed I take 50mgs Elivil and 20mgs Paxil, see if your Dr. will work with you on this combo. it has realy helped me.
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    Hi Ed! I went on state disability June 2001,stayed on it for 1 yr. and applied for SSDI and was awarded it! I applied for my IC and my IBS. At the time I had not been diagnosed for fibro. I found the process pretty easy and did not have an attorney involved. I know all situations are going to be different, but I wanted to let you know just what an amazing thing it is for me! I am 30 yrs. old, the mother of 2 small children(3 1/2 and 11 mos.),and was having to work a long time with my diseases. It interfered greatly with my work, and it finally took it's toll. This has been the greatest gift from God(getting SSDI), now I focus on my getting better and dealing with all this one day at a time. I'm far from recovery, but this is the start of my road. I feel it's worth a try. All they can do is say no. As for when is the right time?? Only you can decide....Good Luck, let me know what you do and/or how it goes. I'll be rooting for you either way!
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    Have you thought that working in the chemical factory could be the cause of your Fibromylga! I have read articles that say this.
    Chemicals and inhaling substances brings about changes that affect the immune system .

    I`d say you are definately entitled, my daughter 18yrs claims, specially if you cannot walk 50 yds and cannot go anywhere on your own.

    Wishing you all the best