Should I get another dog?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kay31, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Kay31

    Kay31 Member

    I have an 11 year old (still active) dog whom I love, love, love. When I'm having a bad day, she stays in bed with me; when I'm feeling better, she goes for rides with me, etc. I have a fenced-in yard so she can run around when she wants to.

    I have an opportunitiy to adopt a 5 year old dog. I have just had two bad days; is it fair to the (to-be-adopted) dog to have to put up with my flares?

    I am really torn about this one.

  2. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Can't imagine being without any of them. I've adopted pets and never ever have regreted my decision and all of my pets get along great. Only you can make this decision and if you do decide to adopt, give your other dog time to adapt to the new one.

    Can you visit the the 5 year old dog and see how you two connect ?
    If you are torn about this, no need to torment the dog either with a possibility of returning to the adoption center.
    If you feel you can give this dog a good loving home and care for your 2 dogs with all your heart, financial concerns and all to caring for a pet ,then you know your answer .

    Wish you all the best in your decision. My pets are my best of friends. I am so greatful to have been able to adopt them. They all are my joy.

  3. nastaranjune

    nastaranjune New Member

    Hello my friend.
    I am absolutely in love with my pets. I truely think they have healing powers, and effect us in such devine ways. I have a dog who is 5 yrs old and a cat. We were entertaining the idea of getting a puppy since my dog was lonely, and since my pets are not lap pets, really wanted to train one to be. make a long story short, we got 2 because we fell in love with them. I am very happy to have them, but oh my lord, i wish i had adopted an adult dog. It is so hard for me to chase them around the house making sure they don't pee, and constantly entertain them so they don't whine.

    Just wanted to give you my perspective, and just reminding you it will be some work even though the dog is 5.
    Wishing you luck.
  4. Meg1710

    Meg1710 New Member

    Our beloved dog died last July at aged 16. We decided before he died that we wouldn't get another dog (or pet). He was a lot of work and quite frankly I ended up doing most of the chores involved in his care. I don't miss at all, the work that he engendered; shopping for his food, feeding him, cleaning him & his equipment and the house (indoor dog), exercising him etc. Admittedly he was a very strong minded and stubborn hound and never really learnt his lessons well - such as tugging on his lead when going for a walk and nearly pulling me over or barking at the window when other dogs or people walked past making me jump out of my skin, etc. etc. - lol!!

    So I can't advise, but for me it's working a lot better not having a pet to care for.
  5. cordy250

    cordy250 Member

    I can't imagine a life without dogs. Yeah, sometimes when you are sick it is a problem, but the return is so worth it.

    So many people give in to the inactivity for which illness affords an excuse. It's always easier to lie in bed than to get up. Having animals forces you to get up and will be better for you as a result.

    It does depend on the dog, though. Make sure it is a laid back critter and make sure your other dog takes to it.

    Also see if you can have a trial period if it doesn't work out, to return it. That way you are not saddled with making a decision about what to do with it if it isn't the right choice.
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    If you can take care of it, another dog sounds like a good idea. Will be company
    for your older dog.

    As Cordy suggested, a trial period would be a good idea.

    What kind of dog is it? A small, short-haired dog would probably be
    easier to care for. They generally live longer than big dogs too.

    Good luck.

  7. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    Careful consideration is required. A dog needs exercising both physically and mentally every day. Two dogs are almost twice the work of one dog, we have two rescue dogs and it requires a lot of work every day to look after them, without my other half I wouldn't be able to cope alone.

    Without enough to do a dog can become depressed and/or bored and develop destructive behavior issues. It's not fair on a dog to adopt it unless you are able to commit 100% to rehab, training and caring for it for life. The rescue centers are full of dogs that have been messed up for some reason or other. A second dog will help provide companionship for another dog as long as their energy levels and characteristics are compatible otherwise both dogs can suffer and big problems can occur.

    If you have surplus energy at the moment and you can accommodate another dog then coping with the odd off-day here and there isn't much of a problem, however, if you are already at your limit and your existing dog is not receiving enough exercise, walking, running, stimulation, training etc. then getting another dog is a total no no.

    If you think you can properly look after another dog then consult with and seek advice from a rescue center who will be able to assess you and your current dog and help to find a suitable match for you both, they can also provide you with advisory assistance as and when required.
  8. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i just spent the last 2 hours Burying my Lab, that i let out of his kennel(finally) he had been in it all day i just cant walk him like i should, i dont have the energy.
    so i let him run in the yard, well he got out & got hit.

    i can understand how you feel kay, I love my animals so much! but i can't give them what they need for me, no more big dogs.ill have to be content with the ankle biters.

    Hopefully he will be somewhere in heaven and l can see him again one day. then we can run together.

    actually, if it's an indoor dog, they usually like nothing more than to be with you, especially whe your feeling bad, funny he had been stuck to me like glue for the past week, i think he knew one of us was ready to go.:(
  9. Meg1710

    Meg1710 New Member

    So sorry kat0465 to hear about the sudden loss of your beloved Lab. How sad for you. You had no preparation time for his death!

    Thinking of you in your loss. Hugs!
  10. hi all,
    i agree with meg1710,a dog is really hard work when you are having fibromyalgia and CFS flare ups.

    my dog is 11 years old now,but can still move very quickly when he wants to.many times ive almost fallen over my dog.and he does want alot of attention.

    if im feeling well,i take him for walks,but i have had to make sure that he doesnt go upstairs,or go onto the furniture in my living room,as ive developed a allergy to him.

    ive had fibro and CFS for many many years now,and this past two years ive developed terrible sneezing bouts and nasal inflamation,that seems to be very much connected to my dog.

    so i have decided that i wont have another pet,when my current pet passes away.

    im the only person in my house that sees to my pets every is hard work,and i feel very guilty when im ill due to flare ups,and cant care for my dog as i would like to.of course i try to,but its very hard when you are worn out with muscle pains,spasms and vomiting.

    i have enjoyed many years with my pet,and will care for him as he gets older,but as i said, it worries me how i can keep getting through with my flares.

    take care all,love fran.
  11. babyk902

    babyk902 New Member

    I love dogs and I think that pets give so much happiness when we are down. They are so loving, and always there when we have bad days. I think that life is TOO short, and you should enjoy life as much as possible. If you really want this dog you should get it.

    My boyfriends parents just recently got 2 new dogs (brother and sister) and i am completely in love with them both. Four months later, I could not imagine what it would be like without them. Although they're not MY dogs that we really have to take care of, my boyfriend and I do contribute to the work load.

    Also, if you have a fenced yard you can absolutely let them run around outside. You don't have to walk them every day, depending on what kind of dogs they are. If you're feeling up to an occasional walk, then go for it.

    Good luck!
  12. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Meg, it was so hard seeing him like that. we have had fence issues since hurricane Ike,i thought he was safe and couldnt get out.
    whats worse the person who hit him never stopped, even just to say "I'm sorrry"
    he was such a sweet Boy,
    sadly, he will be my last big dog.i am also in charge of all the animal maintenance,even all the fence stuff.i get no help from my Significant other!So i understand how you feel, it's hard!
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  13. kellygirl

    kellygirl Member

    I had to put my old border collie to sleep last year. Near the end of her life, it was difficult, she could barely walk and had to go outside frequently with some steps.

    I use to have to life her back end up and patiently let her out. I had to constantly be washing her blankets.

    Yet, It was exercise I would not have done. I loved her dearly, had her for 15 years. She was a rescue.

    I wanted a small puppy this time and again, a rescue came our way. No discipline and she would hurt me with her energy, but again, we have been able to work with her and I feel she will be worth it.

    I think these dogs are sent my way when it's time. I am falling in love with this one, though I didn't think I ever could. She just needed loving discipline.

    Again it forces me to get up and let her out, feed her, etc. I think it would be worse if I didn't have the motivation.

    I regret not being able to go away at all in the summer and leaving her, but that's the responsibility of having a pet. The cats are fine by themselves.

    It's hard to decide what to do when you are hurting. I hate waking up with the pain and I just keep talking to her to wait, I'll get there, she's patient with me.
  14. Kay31

    Kay31 Member

    Losing a beloved pet - especially so quickly - is horrible. They give us so much in return for so little.

    I'm very lucky that I have a fenced-in yard. My pets over the years have been able to fly around and TRY to catch the squirrels!

    I'm still on the fence; but since I live alone, I can't imagine being without a wagging tail when I come home.

    Kat, again my complete sympathies. Please think of getting a smaller one someday.

    Thanks to all who replied to me.

  15. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    from the loss, i still cant believe he's gone in a snap.:(
    i actuall live with 2 weiner dogs also, so i still have loving wagging tails.:) but he was just a special Boy. Always happy!
    when my daughter moves away she will take her dog, and all ill have is one, so maybe then ill adopt a shelter dog,
    a small one for sure,i wish i could get another lab. Just dont have the energy for one. Maybe one day.
    What kind of dogs do you have k?? I agree, theres nothing better than a wagging tail when your feeling bad!
  16. loto

    loto Member

    I say go for it!!! It can only be good for you and the dog! And, and added plus is both dogs will also have each other along with you!
    Dogs are the greatest! Mine give me the most unconditional love. Couldn't live without them...

  17. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    aw, I had my rescue dog for 2 years and she was a great companion and made me walk 2x a day for 1/2 to an hour each time, she was a high maintainance old girl but sweet, poor thing died of cancer last aug after battling lymes on and off. I miss her and the walks but honestly her needs were a bit much for me given my needs to pace myself, thus I am able now to spend more time with friends and taking care of myself cus she was almost a fulltime job. If I get anotehr dog down the line will have to be one that doesnt demand as much walking and can go to bathroom in backyard, my girl didnt want to dirty our yard so she was very reliant on me every day for her needs. But wouldnt trade the experience I had those 2 years but wouldnt sign up for same thing again....same reason can't have kids, too much given my abilities.
  18. zena01

    zena01 New Member

    Look at it this way. You have been able to care for the one you have......and two are not much more trouble than one as they do somewhat entertain each other when they get used to each other and get over jealous problems.....With the fenced yard you can sit out there in a lawn chair and toss balls for them if you are not on a day you can walk them. And as long as you can afford vet bills for two I see no reason why you shouldn't adopt a dog especially from a shelter. Those dogs need Love, food, veterinary, love -- there are so many homeless animals that if you can give it every single thing except a regular exercise commitment then isn't that dog still way better off in your loving home than no home at all?

    get the dog.

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