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    After many years of battling this DD I finally found a dr.
    who believes.
    Was diagnosed with cfids about 15 yrs. ago but could not keep up with the tx. due to dollars. Than the dr. moved to the midwest and the gp I then started going to wasnt supportive of the cfids/fms diagnosis.
    I finally have a dr. who believes and is very supportive.
    She has prescribed amitryptiline for sleep and vicodan for pain. I have been taking zoloft for 6 yrs..
    I have had several tests since March. A cardiac stress test, nerve conduction testing and contrasting cat scan of head and neck with good results on all.My next appt. is in June with a nuerologist. Appt. was booked in March. In view of the waiting period to get an appt., I dont want to cancel, but all the tests to date show no other problems so I'm not sure what value a nuero. is at this point.
    Would appreciate advice/input based on your experience with
    this branch of medicine. Thanks, Pam
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    I think I am just ambivalent because I am so tired of explaining myself to yet another dr.. My pcp did say I should keep the appt.. She didnt know if the neuro could offer any more insight or treatment suggestions.
    The neuros secretary said it was good I had already been
    scheduled for the tests I listed because she would order the
    same tests.
    I have also been seeing a rhuemy my pcp referred me to. He
    has prescribed vioxx,oxycontin and mobic. The vioxx botherd my stomach big time. The oxycontin made me to groggy to function at work and really didnt help the pain by the 3rd week. Mobic felt as though it was workin for about 2 weeks and then that fizzled out too.The rhuemy agrees with the
    diag. of fms but felt my new pain in my hands is osteo. hence the mobic. arghhh.
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    Did your rheumy order x-rays of your hands? Most of the time they can tell by looking when we have OA, but they really need to x-ray them to confirm the DX. Since OA is not inflammatory like RA, the anti-inflammatory, Mobic, will probably have limited results and may not be worth the potential risks.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie,
    My rheumy did not take xrays. Felt they werent needed when
    I asked. After my second visit I felt he is more interested
    in writing prescriptions than spending time listening.
    Will keep him in my back pocket for now.
    His receptionist told me his partner is more in tune with
    I dont feel the need to pursue appts with them for now.
    Thanks for touching base.
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    I will definitly call to request paperwork to be sent to me.
    Which means I will be keeping appt!!!!
    thanks for the input.
    I seem to be struggling more with my thought process lately.
    Dont know if its meds...this dd or age or all of the above.
    My 78 yr. old mother is sharper than I am at this point.LOL