Should I move yet?Can't decide need input.Can't think straight.

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    Like I said in August I will be 2 house pmts. behind. Mortgage com. told me to call agencies and churches to see if I can get some help,they have dealt with this before and said they would send vouvhers so the place can send them the money. I've called everywhere in my area. I live in a small town with not much here. Called our next big city,30 minutes away, and they won't help cause I'm in another county. The church said they would try and help with electric bill and they have a food bank I can go to when the time comes.

    I'm already so depressed I can think right. I've racked my brain. Nothing ever is easy for me. It's always the hard way. I'm not feeling sorry for myself but you just get down about it all. I try not to and keep telling myself some people are worse off and I even feel guilty asking for help. I've always provided for myself. Just need to say this,know you've heard it before.

    Anyway this program here is called searchlight. It's federally funded and for mentally challenged people. They mostly live in group homes with 24 hr. care. My sister has worked for them for several yrs. They are building 14 new apartments and said it's not only for searchlight but for the disabled and senior citizens. They are 1 bedroom and no washer and dryers. Said they will have a laundry area so the manager can help those that need it do their laundry. I told her that doesn't make sense since most disabled will have a hard time carrying and lifting the clothes to get them there in the first place. They don't see it that way. Whatever. They told me I don't have to be approved for SSD yet. Said if I get a letter from dr saying she recommends SSD and I have filed they will let me go ahead and move in. They are going to pay all the utilities except tv and phone of course. Won't be ready till Oct. Just to let you know,I absolutey hate using laundries but I guess I can take it to Mom's if I had to. What do you think. Would you take this opportunity now. Even if I get my unemp. I'm going to have a very hard time catching up the pmts. It's already on my credit where I've missed and that I'm behind. Either way I'm screwed as far as my house goes. Then I have to worry about getting my pmts made. My sis tells me I have to give and take,I know that.

    I was thinking if I get the apt. I will have to sell some of my things,won't have room. If I don't have to pay rent or utilities for awhile I can work enough to pay my own personal bills and have enough barely to get buy. They said if I had to rent later the most any of them will be is 350.00 month. I'm a very private person and don't particulary care about living too close to people. I like it quiet. That sounds awful don't it. Maybe I can ask to live in the last apt. It justs tears me up to lose my house and get all messed up again. I just feel like there has to be a catch on the apt. It can't be that easy for me,it never is. Can you tell I'm a worrier. I hate being so vulnerable. Keke
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    I am so sorry to hear of your plight. Do you have any equity in your home? Could you sell it to get some money and to pay off all your bills?

    If it was up for sale the Mortgage company may wait for the proceeds to clear them off ;)

    Just a thought.
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    bumping for more response
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    better safe than sorry...get your name on a section 8 voucher list in your county as well...

    if yu can...

    you can always sell your home...but f you think of it...when we age alot of us sell our homes to move into senior homes or disabled homes anyways...and you will make a move now and it will be physically easier for you now opposed to being much older...with more problems...

    count your blessings you have had the opportunity to purchase a home...some of us here speaing for myself still have not ever had that dream met...i do not know if i will ever...

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    Whew. This is a tough one, a big decision. I sense from your post that you don't want to move. Of course, sometimes we have to do stuff we don't want to do but I'm not sure this is one of those times.

    As a previous property manager it bothers me that they're trying to scare you into renting now. Management companies often give larger commissions at lease-up time. Or maybe they're giving you the opportunity of an early selection; which is good if that's what you decide to do. (I agree with you, by the way, about the laundry; I suspect they're not being helpful, they're saving money. Individual laundries, even one to a floor, are expensive to install and maintain.)

    I assume you've seen the actual apartments, the layout and so forth? It's important to know how you feel in the space.

    I don't know how house sales are in your area but you need to check the market before deciding to sell your house. Nor do I don't know how large your house is but could you possibly share it with someone to help with bills and maybe other hard chores? Solitude is important but not everyone is loud and if you found someone who works during the day it would be easier. Maybe you could make this a win-win. Could your family help?

    What every you do, don't panic and don't waste time. Do your homework and trust that it will help you make this decision. First thing, work up a budget so you know exactly what you can and can't afford. Call a realtor and get a market analysis done on your home. Talk to a bank about possibly refinancing. Don't make a hasty decision. You've helped other people for years; now make this about helping yourself to do the best thing.

    Good luck.


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