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    MMM...question here...have really have had no louck with any anti depress. except for Serzone...well...we know the story on that one... Currently taking Prozac weekly and gaining weight. Ritalin SR was added but still crave sweets and carbo...any ideas? Klonopin is the best for me to sleep...tried going off...but I dedcided I really did like to sleep!!! Hints??? Oh...take Glu, Malic, Ibuprofen,
    B12 B6 B2 C and a major Womenes multi...can't afford to spend too much more on treatments...any thoughts??? Braidie
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    Talk to the doctor that wrote your prescription first. If you can't get a good answer find another doctor. I take Buspar and Ritalin and am doing fine but that's me.

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    I have responded to this question from a number of different people in the last two weeks. Why? Because we all are on anti-depressants and we all have side effects to one degree or another! I am currently tapering off Paxil (very slowly) and plan to try some of the more alternative methods like SAM-e. I know some people take St. Johnswort for depression and/or valerian for panic/anxiety. It's nice to have natural alternatives with few to no side effects. I would like to recommend a book I read last is called Prozac Backlash by Joseph Glenmullen. It was insightful to learn more about the politics behind SSRI's and the potential for long-term side effects. I got it at the library so I didn't have to pay for it. Plus I had them reserve it over the phone so I didn't have to waste energy looking for it. I think your best bet is to do a little research on the drugs and see if it's really the way you want to go.

    Wish you happiness and luck,
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    Like all anti-depressants, Prozac made me swing from the rafters! Xanax works for me like anti-d's work for most people. The doc has a long name for my intolerance to anti-d's. I started tapering myself off the Xanax when I started feeling better, and now I only take it as needed, usually 1 in the morning a couple of times a week. I guess I am one of the lucky ones and am not bothered much by depression....and I do feel lucky for that! At night I take 10 mg Flexeril and either 1 or 2 Klonopin .5mg. Sleep like a baby, hardly ever dream I sleep so deep. Still hurt but not as bad as before the meds.

    By the way...Hi BraidieBunch, like your nickname!

    Brenda :eek:)
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    I feel like Queen for a Day!!! I really do depend on my friend on this board. I need input from others who live life in my shoes. Thanks!!!!! I am truly blessed. I asked because, I don't like the weight gain, and am teeetering on the decision...I don't like the idea of gaining the weight...THAT MAKES ME MORE DEPRESSED!!! I am remarried and share four children. I have been unable, (unwilling according to many) to work full time for about a year. I need to work now for financial and sanity reasons...but not full time!!! i am searching for a part time job. But find the search difficult. Some days are better thatn others and I really can't tell ahead of time....Same story!!! I am feeling a bit bit blue today. Possibly sorry for myself...My ex just purchased a 2003 Mercedes Benz G500 Custom and lives in a three quarter of a million dollar house. I live in a rental HOME and I'm thrilled if I have a full tank of gas!!!GGGGG!!!
    I keep a sense of humor, but I still feel jealous sometimes. I know that God promised me life...NOT a perfect one!!! Thanks to all...I really feel that you are the blood in my life's vein right now. Hugs...BraidieBunch
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    I know exactly what those blues are about! It's hard enough having this disease for all the OBVIOUS reasons, but then tack on seeing all those around you who have so much more. I know it sounds terrible...of course there are people who are much worse off than us, but I understand how it can be momentarily disheartening to see all the people who are better off. My friends have been enormously successful in their personal lives and I always thought I would be too, but now I live at home with my mom and dad at age 33!So sometimes it's hard to be happy for all their successes. Anyhow, just keep focusing your attention on this group and you will find lots of kindred spirits. Know that you aren't alone. Besides, I bet the Mercedes doesn't get very good gas mileage!!
    Good Luck on the Depression,