should I sell my elliptical machine?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mq, Jun 18, 2003.

  1. mq

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    Will I be able to exercise like that again? There is no sense of having it collect dust and take up room if I can't use it.
    Right now, walking 30 minutes has increased my symptoms.
  2. GooGooGirl

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    I have a treadmill that I have used once in the last year.
    I don't see how I can possibly walk on it when it hurts for me to just walk from my car to the grocery store. I know light exercise is supposed to help but I don't think I can do it at all. Meanwhile, I am getting fatter and fatter.
  3. mq

    mq New Member

    nursing and/or pg....Dr. Tieitlebaum recommends some thing in combo w/ a baby aspirin for wieght loss. I can't try it (mommy mode), but you may want to check his book or site.
  4. GooGooGirl

    GooGooGirl New Member

    Do you have the name of his book? I'd love to check that out!
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  5. steffy

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    Madwolf said it right. 'Use it or lose it.'

    I use a treadmill myself. I try to do it 20 min. each day with a maximum slant at about 2 miles an hour. Makes me sweat and increases my respiratory effort slightly. I had to work up to this level. Even so, some days I do only 5 minutes, or 10 minutes twice, or not at all. I do listen to my body, and if I have other things to do, I'll put it off to conserve energy. Typically, I take my pain med beforehand. And always I have a book on hand to read while walking. It's amazing how effectivly it distracts me from pain and fatigue, and is esp. motivating when it's a good book (sometimes read/walk past my goal without realizing it). Typically, I stretch afterwards. Lately, I've been using an inversion table. It's been great for increasinng my flexibility.

    The benefits of course are numerous. I may still have pain and fatigue, but I feel that I'm flushing out the metabolic toxins that accumulate in my body tissues from inactivity and muscle tightness by increasing cardiovascular and lymph flow. Exercise has been shown to decrease blood pressure, blood sugar and improve cognitive function, etc, etc. I'm sure you've heard all this before and don't want to hear it again. But in my experience as an RN, the elderly people I see who stay physically active, are by far the ones who have a better quality of life/less depression etc., irrespective of age or diagnosis. Go slow, increase gradually, choose goals, reward yourself.

    OK enough, I know. Good luck.

  6. mq

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    From Fatigue to Fantastic.
  7. mq

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    I'm sorry I wasn't specific to my diagnosis. I know one of the cfs symtoms is expercising and feeling like you've been hit by a truck....
  8. jann1033

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    I've had cfs for 15 yrs, tried the exercise bit over and over and have not been able to tolerate it during a flare....however if I feel better(like by that I mean sleeping well, minimal fatigue and I mean a lot better, like up to 50% of pre cfs activity) I can some what do really light exercise (like maybe a short walk) with out causing a flare (if I am very careful not to over do) I really have tried all the 5 min on/ 5 min off stuff and just have not found it to be true in my case although I know even Drs. recommend it. personally I wonder if it is because i get overheated very easily and always am worse when it is hot( anything hot , weather, showers, makes no difference)
  9. Chelz

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    Mq, I just posted a question about treadmills. I had an elliptical machine that I bought 2 years ago, can't use it anymore, I swear that machine flares me up each and every time. I gave the machine to my sister. It really is a good machine, but, I have to accept I can't do what I was once able too. Hugs, Chelz.
  10. steffy

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    Hi mq

    I was so excited that someone actually read one of my posts! Actually, I'm not quite sure how to answer your question (ha). I have FM not CFS. But assuming that it is one and the same, or at least a very close cousin, I would say that it is essential also that you have regular exercise. Of course, you have to listen to your body (but not to your brain--which is great at making excuses) and follow a regimen such as the one outlined by Madwolf.

    Exercise is essential for the healthy functioning of all your body systems. I have to constantly remind my elderly clients that inactivity is one of the most important hurdles they have to overcome to maintain their health. And I know it can be so hard to do when you're old, frail, ill and/or in pain.

    In your case, it may be that the eliptical machine is too strenuous for you at this point. If you're unable or reluctant to invest in a treadmill, you can simply take to the sidewalks. Walk with a friend. Listen to a book on tape. Buy a pedometer (they're cheap) and set goals for yourself. Whatever it takes. It may not (probably won't) decrease your pain. May increase your fatigue--at least temporarily. But in the long run will increase your muscle strength and endurance, and believe it or not your overall wellbeing.

    Good luck!

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  11. mq

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    walking...I did it w/ a neighbor, didn't even really raise my heart rate and ended up a mess for a few days....that is why I'm frustrated. What I maybe should have told you is that I definitely get some activity each day, as I have eight children ages 13 years to 10 weeks!:)
    I moved a cheapy, light, empty dresser about 6 feet and ached so much for the next few days, and was more tired...this seems so stupid!
    It just seems that if I do something specifically to exercise,-or out of my everyday routine, I pay. Do I do it anyway??
    I know the clincher for me in the CFS diagnosis was the fact that if you exercise, you feel terrible.
    Of course I read your post!!! It may take a few days, for me to get back to it, but this is one of my primary sources for information!
    Thanks for your info so far, and any further feedback....
  12. mq

    mq New Member

    Thanks for your note. At least I know I'm not nuts. My cfs started in April 02. I was at about 60% of normal when I was dx'ed...I know that isn't all that bad compared to some...but I am home educating my 8 children (ages 13 years ot 10 weeks), so i need all I can get....
    I'm sad. DH just got back from a canoe trip down the Current River in MO.....I'm so hoping he and I could go sometimes, but then I want to cry wondering how I can when moving a light dresser or walking one day did to me. Is it worth "pushing" it, or does it get progressively worse that way? Dr. upped my thryroid and hydrocortisone this week....
  13. mq

    mq New Member

    if I should "push" or will that just make things worse w/ cfs--it did before I was dx'ed, but wondered if it's different now that I'm on meds??
  14. steffy

    steffy New Member

    Sounds like you get a lot of exercise just taking care of your family. Sometimes that's enough. It would be interesting to obtain a pedometer and just see how much walking you do in a 24 hr period (You can order them on line from GoodHousekeeping for about $20, I hear). I've been curious to see how much I walk in an average day. It's said that if it adds up to three miles/day that's sufficient!

    But if it is a more regimented exercise program you want to do, and it is pain during and/or after that is limiting your ability to exercise, then you need to find more effective means (ie, medications, etc) for decreasing the pain to make it possible. Talk to your doctor about pain control, and about how important it is to enable you to exercise and basically function.

    Good luck,

  15. sp

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    I've had Fibro and Cfids for 8 years. Although I've had times where I am too sick to exercise, I gradually started riding my indoor spinning bike and after 9 mos., I joined a cycling group and was able to ride 65 miles/week!! However I had one ride where I pushed myself to unbearable limits (stupid me), and have been off the bike for a month.

    Don't stop exercising, its bad for your health!!