Should I suspect Fibro?

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    Hello All!
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask these questions!!!
    I would like to know if any of you would suspect fibro from my current situation: (some of this info may not be realted to my symptoms, but I'll include them anyways!)
    I am a 28 year old female
    I have two children, 8 and 1.
    I wear glasses, and my prescription changes about every 3 years.
    Diagnosed with psoriasis in 1995
    Diagnosed with Raynoids syndrome 1997
    Misdiagnosis of Meniere's disease 2000
    Diagnosed with Vertigo (went away?) in 2000
    Lower back strain in 2003
    can't remember if I'm forgetting something here.....

    I have had bloated stomach pains for about 4 years now. Comes and goes, but can put me out for the night. (possible IBS?-I just heard about this syndrome, and have always written my pain off as gas!)

    I have recently moved, and gotten a new job. It is VERY stressful. I have been feeling depressed. I cannot concentrate at work. I forget what I'm doing 25% of the time, and my mind blanks out halfway through a conversation. This isn't good, because I'm in sales!!! I don't know how many times I've had to ask people to repeat themselves, or just give a nice smile with a nod, not knowing what in the world they just said.
    My back has flared back up. I've been in constant pain for about 6 weeks now. I went to the doctor when it first flared up again, he did an assessment, and told me I had 3 pinched nerves and spasms in my lower back. Told me to get some good insoles, and gave me a stretching chart. Well, nothing has worked, and I'm feeling HORRIBLE! I have been taking 800MG Motrin 2X/day. My whole back is tingling. People constantly ask if I'm OK, because I walk like I'm 70. My hips have started hurting alot. My collarbones have been sore. I feel like I could sleep at any time of the day, because I'm so tired, yet, I can NEVER get myself to bed at a decent hour.
    I have an appointment this Tues to follow up with my family doc. Should I request that he give me a referral somewhere? What expectations should I have of him?
    I'm sorry to sound so uneducated about all this. I used to think that pain was "fake" I used to think that depression was a cop out. Well, now that I'm going through it, it makes me sad to think I was once so ignorant. Big hugs to you that suffer from this every day.
    Thanks in advanced for all of your advice!

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    Well the mind problems are a symptomatic of FMS. I have pretty bad short term memory problems, and at times I can't consentrate on a word someone is saying to me. These are also symptoms of CFS as well. You back and hip problems are also something I can relate to. I get back spasms, a numbish feeling and electrical shooting pain. My hip pain is a deep piercing ache that shoots up when I move. Fatigue and insomnias are also symptoms or FMS. In particular deep distruptive sleep (wake up a lot and no matter how much sleep you get you feel as though you got none), I also have difficulaty actually getting too sleep. IBS is anouther common symptom. To be diagnosed with FMS you have to have wide-spread muscle pain and and certain amount of your tender points have to be painful. You could ask to be sent to a ruematologist and he will see if you have FMS. If you are diagnosed who knows what sort of treatment your doctor will recomend. You want to look for something to help you improove your quality of sleep and help with pain management.
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    Hi! The psoriasis may be a tip-off as to what is going on here. Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease, sort of like an "arthritis of the skin". Many times it is in conjunction with other auto-immune diseases.

    So there may be other things going on here, sounds like IBS too which also flares with auto-immune problems.

    I'd see a rheumatologist if you haven't already; at least start and go from there.

    Good luck!
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    For the info and advice!
  5. tandy

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    And welcome!!! I would highly recommend seeing a Rhuematologist!! The raynauds,psriosis,collerbone pain,alot of what you have said....points to one or both Fibro and or CF. I have FM and alot of what you've described are what made me seek medical help.
    Please come back and let us know how you make out!!
    I hope all goes well for you~
    Take care :)
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    so much for your input. I will take it all to heart.
    I will let you know how my appt turn out on Tues.
    Thanks Again!
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    Well, doc listened to MOST of my symptoms. The stress he just let go as everyday stress.....whatever.....He also said he found a slight curvature in my spine.
    I had MRIs done--I don't have "official" results back, (see my PCP on Wed) but got to sneak a peak at my lumbar MRI. There were two black spots between two of my vertabrae where it should have been white. HHHHMMMM, didn't look right. I also have a staph infection. All my other bloodwork came back normal. Until then, he took me off work for a week to rest, DOCTORS ORDERS (I wanted to kiss him for that!). He also prescribed me some muscle relaxers. So, until Wed, I'll be waiting patiently.
    Thank you all.