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    Well I had my doctors visit today. I told her the flexeril wasnt working if I took it by itself. I also told her that the antidepressant wasnt helping the pain. I asked her if she can give me a pain medication that will help me get through my hard days. She then prescribed me Cymbalta. Another anti depressant which will take about 6 weeks or more to work. What do I do in the meantime? I dont know if I should switch. She told me I am too young for pain meds. I am 30 years old and I told her I would only need them for the hard days. I didnt want alot of them cuz I can deal with my fibro most of the time. She still refused. I am in so much pain and my daughter is sometimes late to school because I cant move around good. I dont know what to do please let me know what you all think. I really appreciate it. Thanks Aly
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    that you need a medication that stays in your system to manage the pain. Generally, that's how it goes with fibromyalgia & cronic fatigue. Several anti-depressants are prescribed for secondary causes such as our illness and other illnesses, not just for depression. For some reason this stupid illness decreases certain chemicals in the brain that we need and this causes the chronic pain. Sometimes the pain is worse than at other times that's why it is called a chronic illness; it is a syndrome that happens over & over again. The anti-depressants and anti-seizure meds manage the pain. You can try taking it only when the pain is bad but that's usually not how this illness works.

    It was hard for me to accept that I had to take an anti depressant because of what others think about this type of med. After a while I accepted it and I only tell my closest friends and family members; the fact that the pain is under control makes it easier to accept this type of medicine. I think the only pain med that would have worked for my pain would have been narcotic and I definitely don't want that. I'd rather have the anti-depressant. So I would try each anti-depressant a few weeks until I found one that managed the pain and take it as prescribed.

    Hope you find a solution soon

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    Saying you are too young for pain meds is completely ridiculous in my opinion. Completely. What, only people older than 30 are supposed to get pain relief? Pshaw.

    I've been on limited doses of pain meds for moderate to severe pain and I'm less than 30.

    If you feel like your doctor is not listening to you or giving you adequate treatment, I'd find a new one. And write a letter detailing to the "fired" doctor telling her why you didn't feel like you were getting any help from her .... preferably after you start getting good help, and you can say "look what this person did and I felt listened to and helped" (That's what I did. It felt GREAT!)
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    I would switch doctor's.

    So if you are ten years old with rheumatoid arthritis, or some other pain condition, you are too young to get relief for you pain or is she dismissing the pain you have with your DD?

    Wow, how awful.

    Have you explained how the pain affects your life. It sounds like you have.

    Is this your PCP or a rheumy?

    What are you taking with the flexeril.

    Cymbalta may help. I could not tolerate it but we each react differently to meds.

    I thought I had heard every excuse a doctor has used not to give pain medication to people but this is ridiculous.

    Hang in there.

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    I dont mind taking the anti depressants but I just need a little more on the days my pain is so severe I can walk. I was taking flexeril and an anti depressant already and its just not enough. It was my rheumy that told me I was too young for pain meds. I do get depressed sometimes so I know I need the anti depressants. I just want a little releif when its so bad I cant function so my daughters can have as much of a normal life as possible. I dont care if its a narcotic or something else. I told her on my bad days I have tried my dads vicodin and they dont work. I also tried my sisters percocet (she takes those for fibro also), those dont work. The only 2 things I have tried that help a little is oxy (which I dont really want. And I also tried my dads valumn which almost took all the pain away. I just need a little more than what shes doing. Thanks for the support.
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