Should I take job or keep unemp.How does job affect SSD now?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Aug 30, 2006.

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    If I go back to work fulltime and I haven't worked there long and it doesn't work out and I go ahead and file my SSD will that have any adverse affect on it,it won't will it because they don't go by how long I worked at my last job but how long I worked over all and if I have enough credits,which I do. Am I right?

    My sis told me they need help where she works and that it will be easy for me. Guess I'll go check it out even though Id still like to get all my unemp benefits till they run out. I know that sounds bad and not possible if I go fulltime but just feel the need to sock it to my past employer for firing me although in my rational mind it doesn't work like that. This work would be night work and can sleep if I need to although we all know I can't sleep good at home let alone at someone else's house.

    It would be working at a group home with 2,3 or 4 individuals who are mentally challenged,it's called searchlight in our state. They will be asleep and are not any trouble. I would have to get them up in the am and make sure they dress decent and give them breakfast and their meds and some of them go to work. She said it would be the easiest job I can find around here. No lifting,walking around,bosses,cleaning,not much stress. What do you think. Go ahead and do it even though it will be less money than what I was making.

    The representave I spoke to and the SSA told me you can work some while applying and waiting,under 860. But I still don't think I'll make enough to keep my house. Ok that's all I'm gonna say about my unemp. Hope I don't sound too stingy. Keke
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    Hope you get an answer....
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    i had to do it myself...and i made over the amount allowed a month...tried and got fired or i had to quit cause i couldn't take it anymore....

    judge didn't even ask me a question about it in the hearing...

    it is call a trial work period if you make over the 860 a month..

  4. mrdad

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    The thing about your plan that I don't feel comfortable
    with is that the Feds are looking to have you prove to
    them that you CAN'T work for a disability determination.
    The work program may be ok to do AFTER you get approved
    but I would't give them an excuse to deny your claim
    based upon a "demostration" of your ability to work.
    Let's see what some others on the Board have to say, OK?

    Have agood weekend,
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