should I tell my hubby?

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  1. sixtyslady

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    my hubby bought me a beautiful diamond wedding set of rings last year for our annivesary, they are great he was so proud of himself.
    well I had them not even a month and I looked and one of the diamonds looked crooked and loose,so we took them back and they sent them and had them repaired.
    I check them everyday,all 3 diamonds,and the one they fixed is gone ,I don"t have the heart to tell him I"ve looked all over the house and haven"t found it,it meant so much to my hubby that he could get me something so nice ,because we never had the money when we where raising our kids.I've been praying that God will let me find it so I can take it and get it fixed.I"m crying so hard that I can hardly type,not about the diamond, but the fact that it meant so much for him to be able give me something that nice. sixtyslady
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    If it were Me i would Keep on praying! and Looking! I will also pray for you to find it! I've lost or misplaced stuff alot over the (FM)years and after i finaly say,"Lord help me find this (item)" like magic I find it!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Goodluck!,,,,,,,,S
  3. morningsonshine

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    I agree with sisland, i've had the same experience.

    Will send up a prayer for you also. The fact that your heart is so tender towards your husband and his gift, speaks louder than diamonds.

    God Bless,
  4. ckball

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    May I ask how big it is? Just retrace your steps since the last time you saw it and pray.

    I have a 3/4 diamond necklace that belonged to my grandmother, she passed away in 1974 and left a specific in her will that I got it when she died. I was 19.

    Fast foward 20 plus years. I went to meet some freinds for dinner and stopped at Circuit City on the way. I have a habit of checking to make sure it was ok or the hook turned around.

    I walked into the resturant and reached up and it was gone. I follwed my foot steps back to the car and back to Circuit City, I remember having it there. No luck, I was so upset, that necklace meant the world to me.

    I went back to the resturant and the same spot I parked in before was still empty so I pulled in, looked all over inside the car again, no luck.

    I was just praying please lord let me find it, then the sun hit something shiny, yep it was laying upside down in a large crack in the pavement.

    Another story, I have a 1 carat solitare that I got to keep from a broken engagement. I wore it on my right hand. On night when I was very, very sick with bronchitis, i reached up in the freezer and hit the ring on the door.

    So I know it was in that kitchen, but after pulling the stove and fridge out, taking everything out of the freezer, no diamond. I was so sick in both ways and sat in my kitchen floor and just cried.

    Finally I got off the floor and took one more look in the freezer and there it was laying in the seal of the lower fridge door. I never opened that door or it would have fallen. So don't lose hope, just calm down and think about what you have done, it will come to you. However, if you have been out or yard work, ect that may be hard to find.

    Prayers to you-Carla
    ps miss ya on the porch
  5. rockgor

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    jeweler put in a nice CZ that matches.
  6. boltchik

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    Just be honest with him and you can work it out together. Hope it turns up! Kim :)
  7. JLH

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    This stuff happens, so you need to go ahead and tell him.

    It seems as if everyone has lost one of those ever so precious diamonds.

    My mother's diamond was never very large, but it was all that my father could afford when they got married when she was 19.

    Fast forward 40 years. She was still wearing her original diamond engagement ring and wedding band. She was working at J.C.Penney's. Her diamond ended up in men's underwear!!! LOL The diamond came out of her wedding set when she was re-stocking men's underwear one day at work and she did not notice it until she went home that evening! Of course, the next day, she looked everywhere at work but never did find it. (She just wore the same wedding band until my father passed away after their 53rd wedding anniversary.

    A couple of years ago, my SIL gave my daughter a set of diamond earrings --each earring being a 1 carat solitare. They were beyond beautiful!! She had not even had them one year until she lost one of them when they went out to dinner. Both of them were just sick about it. She is going to have that lone earring made into a necklace someday--she just hasn't yet.

    Luckily, I've never lost any diamonds out of my rings, earrings, or necklaces.

  8. kriket

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    because, he might have purchased some type of extra coverage on the ring that would cover an incident like this. I know when my b/f and I purchased our rings, they offered us some type of coverage for things like this, and we took it.

    If you are still wearing the ring, he may notice the diamond missing, and if you don't wear the ring, he may ask why you are not wearing it?

    Your husband sounds like a very understanding guy, I think I would just tell him.

  9. Rosiebud

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    tell your hubby and get it replaced, it might not cost as much as you think. Hopefully.

    Better to tell than to stress yourself out.

  10. sixtyslady

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    well I told him last night,of course I was crying like a big baby.
    he just put his arms around me and told me it wasn't my fault.
    so we're all looking for it,and praying we will find it.
    rather we find it or end up having it replaced, we decided to have it put in a diferent ring,this ring setting has never been right since we got it.
    one of the prongs holding that diamond is not as large as the others,theres 3 large diamonds, and 3 small diamonds under the large, the ring is beautiful.on the inside of the ring it says I Forever Do.but he can have that put on the inside of another ring. sixtyslady
  11. sunrisegirl

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    Tell him!

    I am sure that he will understand. He sounds like a wonderful guy. I lost a diamond years ago while playing a racquetball match. At game point, I looked down to serve and noticed that my diamond was missing! I finished the game and asked my husband to come into the court and help me look. Thank goodness, I was lucky and found it in the back corner of the court! Look in your garage and/or re-trace steps entering and exiting the house. Good luck!
  12. ckball

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    Dncn has a lot of good answers, but don't forget to check the traps in your sinks, did you bath or shower that day? If you can't get to the tub drain, get a coat hanger and somethiing like pipe dope, DH wll know what I mean, or clay or play dough if you have it for the kiddies. Stick the gooey stuf on the coat hanger several times until nothing comes up.

    Ouch made a good point about the jeweler, do you still have the paper work from the repair, my mom had a insurance poilcy from the jeweler, all she had to do was have it checked twice a year which was free.

    I hope you find it and I hope it was one of the smaller ones, if it was one of the larger ones, check your homeowners insurance. Let's us know how it goes-Carla
  13. joyfully

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    Don't throw out the existing bag on your vacuum cleaner, you could have already vacuumed it up!

    I agree with ouch who stated that the guy who fixed that stone in your ring should be responsible.

    Are you going to be on Judge Judy????????????? Take along a magic marker so you can write the word "stupid" on the defendant's forehead.

    Don't you love it when Judge Judy tells defendants that she doesn't have the word stupid written on her forehead. I always crack up laughing when she says that.

    I'm really sorry about your ring. I do hope you find the diamond.
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    I lost a stone out of my ring once and they replaced it because of faulty prong-go see the jeweler. May not help but at least you would of tried.