Should I tell or not?

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    I have an appt. w/ a Endocrinologist in about 3 weeks and I am wondering what I should or shouldn't tell him. First, I don't have any insurance, I am one of those that falls in the crack. Have too much for assistance, but not enough for good health care. I have many symptoms of adrenal and thyroid failing which is why I am going. From what I have learned here many times the tests they do come out showing no problems when there are problems. So, then I think I should tell him about the Fibro. On the other hand, there has been many here who strongly advise not telling about the Fibro. Anyone have any suggestions? I just so badly need this appt to be as productive as possible...
    love and peace, Rebel
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    I understand your dilemmas I can't afford to see the doctors I want to privately and pay for the tests, treatments etc.

    Another problem is that I use a wheelchair so it's difficult disguising my CFS etc. Where I live in the UK the endoncrinologist does not recognise CFS but always suspects addisons. He does the loading test, so far this has come out negative in CFS patients but makes them very ill.

    So I'm getting a saliva test done, you do it at home over 24 hours, when I get the test results back I can then discuss them with doctors. The lab I checked out doesn't seem to do this test for thyroid but if something else comes up I might be able to negotiate the proper tests.

    Good luck.



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    These are always judgement calls, I think. I had an appointment with a new gynecologist last summer (ended up having to have some ovarian cyst surgery). I told him in the course of my first appointment, "I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I don't think it has any bearing on the symptoms I'm seeing you for today, but in case it does, I'm letting you know. Other than that, it's nothing we need to discuss." He thanked me, and we didn't really talk about it further. And I really didn't feel we needed to. He ended up being the best gyn. I'd ever seen, did a great job with the surgery. With the adrenal/thyroid issues, fibro may play a bigger role, so you may want to level with him so he has complete information. Sometimes it's just a judgement call; my dentist knows I have fibro, my podiatrist doesn't. Depends on the situation.

    Good luck at your appointment!

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    Deep down I know I will tell him about the Fibro, after all I will have to fill out new pt. form and if I don't put it on that-that is really being deceptive. Why hide it? I love that "what do you mean believe-its a syndrome not a religion", LOL! I think after waiting for almost 3 mos for the appt. I am just getting a bit nervous now that I am down to 3 wks! love Rebel