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  1. abghotie

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    do you guys think i should try to file for disability or partial disabilty or wat i need some in site since i cant work and i can barily go to school?
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    Hi ,have you ever worked?You do need a certain amount of credits.And good medical records and Doctors support.

    There is no partial disability.After you win your disability you can work part time.There is a limit to what you can make .I think its 800.00 a month.You will need to check this out with SS.

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  3. sdjones

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    I would go ahead and contact an attorney so that they can get the ball rolling on your disability claim.

    A disability claim can drag on for quite some battle with social security lasted for 7 years before I was awarded SSI.

    You need to have a good doctor who will do a complete battery of tests so that you will have some medical info for Social Security to look at and to also base your case on.

    It would help greatly if your doctor would be willing to write a letter on your behalf to Social Security.

    Good Luck,
  4. bewell4

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    i have heard that once you get awarded, your claim goes back to the date you applied. so, if it takes ages and you do get accepted, you get a nice big chunk of money. i don't advocate asking if you don't need, of course, but my experience was that i completely resisted..i had many reasons and excuses, one which was that i was just *hoping* to get better. instead i have gotten somewhat worse. i just did not want to face that i was sick, and how sick i was. i say, take care of yourself. well, my other issue is that...i felt (or had some internal judgement) that it was okay to push myself and go on even if i felt totally ill. sigh. i hate to admit, because i do not agree with that now; in fact it makes sense to me that this is why *i am sick. because i have that "grind yourself into the ground and never give up" work attitude. but anyway, (shoot, i think i am rambling, sorry, still have the fog). oh yeah...if i did not have my son to take care of, i don't doubt that i would be one of those dragging myself through a work day and collapsing completely at the end of the day. i still have grinding in my chest when i think about how i honestly can not work. (some days i have energy and other days i am laid out! and i can't predict what it will be! da*#!)
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    consider talking (e mailing) an atty. Click on "Disability" above. Maybe Scott Davis could give you some info. He handles cases all over the USA.

    There are various kinds of disability payments. Could be from social security; a private insurance policy; a policy thru work; your state/federal Aid to the Disabled program.

    I do not know if you are eligible for one or more these. Certainly can't hurt to get some info. Besides contacting an atty, you can call various government offices: The Soc Sec office; The Welfare Dept; etc.

    Might also contact the government's rehabilitation dept. and see if it can offer you anything.

    Good luck.