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  1. jeanderek

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    I don't know if this is the proper place to discuss this or not but I am going to give it a shot.

    From what I understand for the most part Gulf War syndrome, fibromyalgia, and CFS are all kind of related.
    It seemed that alot of us became sick after Desert Storm, now our military are going to be going in again.
    I think that last time your troops were is exposed to something and that is what has causes alot of this illness to become increasing more and more exposed to all of us.
    I am wondering now What in the world could they be exposed to this time, other than what we have been warned about such as small pox, or antrax
    Those are easy to detect. What bothers me is something like fibromyalgia and chronic fatique and it going undiagnosed in most of us for years.
    What if this was something that they were exposed to that is something that can't be detected and no medical tests can confirm?
    Has anyone else thought about this? What if we are all carrying something that was chemical warfare and its just not been discovered yet? What do you think?

    I could be totally off my rocker here but I am just wondering If I am the only one that has thought about this. I know that I worded this kinda funny because its hard for me to express exactly what I mean hope you can understand it but I am kinda scared about this. I went for 5 years without a diagnoses and alot of us a lot longer than that, I know that fibromyalgia has been around a long time but its becoming more and more increasing in people since the early 90's is this just because they didn't know what it was and people have had it all along, or did something in the gulf trigger it? I sound crazy I know lol sorry. Just don't know what to think anymore.

    Thanks for any response. If you think I am a nut case I wont be offended lol.

    hugs all
  2. PatPalmer

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    If you are crazy, then I am too, because I have thought the very same thing.

    What are those poor guys going to be exposed to. AND will it be infectious ????

    A lot of the Gulf War Vet`s families have also come down with this disease. My daughter has mycoplasma Pneumoniae which has a patent on it from 1942. How the hell she got that I have no idea.

    I figure it could be something in all of us now and a given set of circumstances, ie. predispition, stress and diet can trigger it off.

    Gulf war syndrome,CFS,Fibro M, are all related to a bacteria, the same one as Aids which is a different strength.

    People did suffer with Chronic fatigue before the 40s war, and I wonder if that was down to the Brucella bacteria in milk, as they only started to pasturise milk around that time.
    They combined the Brucella bacteria with the previously harmless Mycoplasma to become "stealth" (meaning unseen)in the 1942 patent.

    I could rattle on forever so I`ll finish off here, you`ve opened up a whole can of worms....

    I am seriously worried for the outcome of this war.

    Love Pat.
  3. Mikie

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    Is that I contracted my illnesses through a mycoplasma infection just prior to the onset of the Gulf War. I lived next to a military installation. Many believe the vaccines used to prepare the vets for war were contaminated with the mycoplasmas from research facilities which were doing research into biological weapons. I do not know if our vets were exposed to something in the Gulf or got contaminated vaccines or simply had too many vaccinations at too close a time period.

    Supposedly, the military has stopped giving the shots so close together. Whether they have cleaned up their contamination is not known. Gulf War Illness may be due to our own Dept. of Defense, rather than to anything Saddam let loose.

    I have no doubt, though, that this time, Saddam will try to unlease all his nasty weapons and I have little faith in the suits which are supposed to keep our soldiers safe. Our history of taking care of our vets when they return home is miserable. We broke promises to WWII and Korean War Vets and the government has stonewalled vets complaining from Agent Orange in Vietnam and vets complaining from Gulf War Illness. Our young men and women who put their lives on the line deserve better than this.

    Love, Mikie
  4. pamela

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    I have often wondered this myself too. I also wonder from the past... mustard gases and mushroom clouds they have set off if all the contamination and radioactiveness in the air has caused this and all of the diseases and cancer. You know it has something to do with alot of illnesses...commom sense. And the Gulf War? Yes there is something definitely fishy about our guys coming down with all this pain and sickness. Man has hurt his own atmosphere with his inventions, war, testing, chemicals and so on....So we may never know...Pammy
  5. Kay2

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    too!!! OMG now they are talking about bullets with chemicals in them. May God bless our military and the world for that matter!!! We know, what has gone on for years, but now is not the time to get into it!!! Would love to later though!!
  6. JaciBart

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    I believe that the gulf war vets were exposed to sarin or mustard gas and that is behind their health ailments.

    I also believe that we have been exposed also to the same thing, in my opinion. I think that the Govt knows what is wrong with us and they will not tell. Perhaps we are experiments, in the meds we take or vaccines, something like that. I have wondered about the antidepressants, we all know of the Bush family's connection to Lilly Pharmaceutical. I don't think we could figure it out no matter how hard we tried. I know that the mycoplasma test is hard to get for a reason, my doc acted like it was a forbidden test to run. Perhaps what we all have is lyme disease and they do not want us to have that knowledge due to panic. Who knows, all we can do is try to have some quality in our life and I have greatly improved since I got the patch and that is all I hoped for, just to have relatively pain free days.

  7. teawah

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    Me too me too. I have also thought just this morning when I was watching the news and watching the soldiers(God Bless 'Em) take supposed pills for prevention of chemical exposer that they are probably just taking Sugar Pills. Our Gov't doesn't care that much or they would have protected us sooner. Does anyone else think that the soldiers a being bamboozled into feeling safe?

    I won't think about this too much though because I have enough going on without stressing myself over things that I have no control over. Beings that stress is bad for us I hope that you all don't spend too much time on it either.

    Remember, WE HAVE TO put ourselves FIRST!!!!!
  8. jeanderek

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    WOW What an outpouring of response. WE ARE ALL CRAZY lol

    I am glad I am not the only one. There are so many theroies to what is wrong and that is what is scary. Its not cut and dry we don't know what is wrong with us really. All that we have is a name, we don't really know why we got sick and I don't like that at all. I can only imagine how scared our troops must be I really feel bad, but I am not going to get on a gov. disscussion though. I just hope we all make it through this ok. Thank you all so much for your replies its makes me feel alittle better knowing that I am not alone in these thoughts. I was going to share this with my husband but like most of us know if you don't have the disease then you don't understand what it can do to ya and he would think I was crazy for sure lol.

    (((((((((((((((hugs to all of you))))))))))))))))))))))