Shoulder and arm are killing me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amaryllis, Jan 10, 2003.

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    Have had pain in my left shoulder and down into my elbow for well over a year now. It feels as though I have a pinched nerve that is causing the problem. On occasion, I have numbness and tingling down into my hand and fingers. Have had nerve conduction tests and EMGs that all prove negative. The pain is unreal and a combination of Lortabs and muscle relaxers do not help in the least. I drop things, have some weakness in my hand and have difficulty turning doorknobs and things of that nature. What on earth could this be? The only thing that seems to help is intense heat, but it is only temporary. It hurts most of the time, day and night, but once in a while I feel no pain whatsoever. Help :(

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    My sis seems to have something that sounds just like that. They have said that it is being caused by the discs in her neck. Take care.
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    Hey There,

    I have exactly the same symptoms, only on my right side. I've had all the tests too and they show negative. I always felt like the arm pain between my shoulder/elbow was my bone hurting, but I guess it's just the FM pain (tendons/ligaments). It sure does hurt though. I take percocet and it does bring it down to about half the level of pain I feel without it. I recently had a bone scan done, and it showed scoliosis of the thoracic spine, going towards the right. I thought this may not be helping, or even be the cause, but from reading on the net, it's not supposed to cause pain. But again, that info is for "normals", not people like us who are already suffering from these DD's. Have you had a bone scan? Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Just wanted to share that you are not alone in this type of pain.

    Regina :)
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    I have no significant research on the matter but going back to when I first realized the cog. signs I relayed them to my psychiatrist; having two w/MS in the maternal side she sent me to a neuro for MRI's as she tended to agree that that could account for some of the very, very early signs I had that ended up being FMS.

    During this process about a year later when the peripherol numbness was killing me, the neuro had an MRI of the lower spine done and I had spinal stenosis but no nerve entrapment at that time.

    Six year later as my 2nd case was before the bar with SSA, he ran another and by then I had nerve entrapment severly in the LS with intermittant entrapment from cervical on down; now when a disk slips there is no pain; if a nerve is trapped et al. then there is pain; arthritis spurs off the spine can also infringe upon a nerve.

    I suffered for several years with the LS problems, which had been masked by Pred. and when I decided I could no longer live w/Cushings the pain went on a roll!

    Over the last three months the pain you speak of has attacked my right shoulder and is migrating right on down to my knuckles of that hand. Last week or so when I saw my primary he said it was obviously nerve entrapment from the cervical stenosis.

    Having complicating factors presently ie. diabetes and getting it catorigized and under control, make diagnostic testing not feasible at this time. Now when and if that sit. comes under control where I would have the capacity to heal, more tests would be run.

    From all the various things I've acquired over the last ten years the spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment has been the most debilitating. I have a handicapped van with a factory installed lift and a Quickie Power Chair; a gift from a young man here who has now succumbed to ALS. This morning I was trimming my now mid-length hair and putting the curling iron to it I noted I could not depress the spray net w/the right hand; had to use the left.

    I would suggest spinal stenosis to your doc; some docs call degenerative disk disease and spinal stenosis the same thing but there is a difference and you CAN have one without the other or you can have both; I have both. Lil'
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    I had an MRI done in the spring (I think) when I finally mentioned the pain to my neuro because my orthopedist told me there was nothing wrong with me (yea, sure). I do have two bulging discs in my cervical spine, but the neuro said from what I have described to him, I show signs of nerve entrapment. He told me that my MRI does not support this and sent me for yet another round of physical therapy. The few months of PT only gave temporary relief. Just before Christmas the physical therapist told me to take a handful of supplements as he felt this was systemic and check back with him in a week. I never checked back with him. From that little comment I really felt that he didn't feel he could help me and it brought me down pretty low. I did, however, start in on the supplements. To a degree, they have helped the other aches and pains so far, but they have done nothing to touch this stupid shoulder/arm pain.

    Lately everyday I feel like I am trying to talk myself into feeling good and not letting this pain get the best of me. It is not working. I do not know what to do at this point. My appointment with my neuro is coming up this week and I guess I will need to discuss this with him. Today is a low day. I do not want to talk to anyone at home about it because I feel like all I do lately is complain of not feeling well or of the pain. I make myself sick feeling like it is always poor me.

    Thank you all again for your input on the matter. I will need to make up a list of questions to ask the neuro based on your input and see what he says. So far, the one saving grace is that I feel like he listens and that he does want to help. Sure hope it stays that way.

    I am sorry. it all feels pretty hopeless at the moment. just a bad day, huh? back to my heating pad.

    :( A
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    I had the same problem and it turned out to be my neck and I had a Cervical Diskectomy back in 1997.